Bride will not let you grieve maid of honor off the hook for the bachelorette party

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Bride looking forward to their bachelor party more than their actual wedding. A bride, however, is taking the ‘party’ much too seriously.

User Be333444 posted on Reddit is Bridezillas forum about a rough situation she deals with. As the maid of honor, she organised the bride’s bachelor party. Unfortunately, she is also dealing with a sick family member, who apparently took a turn for the worse right around the time of the party.

According to her post, “a family member of mine is in the hospital dying of cancer and has been given days to live. He is my family the only priority now, and we are all heartbroken, he suffers very much and we spend our days in the hospital, almost waiting for him to be out of his misery.”


Her sad story continues, “on Saturday, I am supposed to attend my best friend’s bachelor party. I am the bridesmaid, and have arranged with the other bridesmaids. I in no way want to attend, I can’t think of anything worse now than hosting a group of guests and act happy as I’ve spent the last week crying.”

When she tried to talk with the bride, but Be333444 was not the reaction that she expected. “I have called the bride tonight to try and hint I may not be able to attend. She was supportive in the conversation, but she is not even considering the possibility of me not attending. I’m still annoyed that they did not publicly give me the opportunity to do what I need to do. I don’t want to let her as she means a lot to me, but I am not in the position to support her and her party now.”

According to the post, the bride would not even consider the possibility of the maid of honor to skip the party and spend time with her family.

Several Reddit users encouraged her to be more honest and direct with the bride. As one user put it: “At this point, she is not a bridezilla because you only indicated that you do not want to go. You need to straight up say that you will not go.”


Unfortunately, things did not go well. If Be33344, (the bride) turned out to be a bad friend, but I can’t bring myself to care more. Be warned, even the most beautiful can go self-centred and bridezilla on you, and now I have lost a friend and a member of the family.”

At this point, users were much more supportive. As one put it: “you must not be with her consent. Life goes on for everyone no matter what milestones everyone celebrates.”

Another user elaborated, “I think it’s very clear that you need to do what is best for you and they intentionally ignored you try to bring it up. I would be straight forward, like other comments say, but damn they should get it. There is packed in your own life, and then there is truly non-empathic.”

Another user had a more diplomatic approach, saying: “I would maybe buy her a bottle of wine or something and politely tell her you need the night to sort out your feelings.”


Be333444 finally posted an update, and it doesn’t sound like the story has a happy ending. “She demanded I call her last night, then talked about himself for the first 10 minutes and what a difficult time they have. The conversation moved to my relative, and she told me that he would be suffering for much longer than we had expected, and that the way I lived (worrying/not sleeping well) was no way to live. She told me that I needed to get myself back into “normality” – I. e. the attendance of the chicken. This was at the same time that he died.”

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