Bride demands guests ‘gift’ more money the morning after the wedding

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Most couples spend their wedding night to celebrate with friends and family and getting ready for their honeymoon, but a bride seemingly spent making sure all her guests had “gifted” her the “right” amount of money.

Seyi Akiwowo posted her story on her Twitter account. After a trip to Romania for a destination wedding, she and her plus-one were left with little cash on hand. They endowed the bride and groom that they could, and planned on sending a right gift when she came home. Unfortunately, the bride sent a “bill” almost immediately.

Her story begins, “Okay… it was in the summer of 2015. A good work colleague and (ex) friend was having a destination wedding in Romania. She invited me and a plus one.” The story continued, “I will not lie to you. The wedding was DOPE. Everything was planned. There was even a gift bag in the hotel. I said: wow. They went in.”

When it came to gifts, the couple made a seemingly reasonable request. “Marriage is a full-fledged website. And the invite said that they’d rather money than a gift, because they are not able to transport them all home… made sense.” Of course, destination weddings can get expensive, as the poster explains, “The wedding went on for two days. I and my friend bought our own flight, hotel (2 nights) and paid for our own expenses.”

During the wedding was fun, Akiwowo that there is something odd about the “gift” envelopes. “It was an open bar. And every hour was tequila time. The disappeared midnight… the family are now handing out envelopes… attention… These envelopes seemed to be that Thanksgiving/ tithe envelopes in the church.”


By the end of the weekend, Akiwowo, and her friend had run out of cash, and were not able to find more local currency. So, they gave what they could and held onto enough money to get yourself to the airport and home.

Unfortunately, they do not realize that the bride was apparently with the gift bags to keep who is in what envelope. When she came home, Akiwowo noticed that they have a message from the bride. “A Facebook message from the bride… My naive self thought that she posts to ask if we got home okay… N O P E.”

The message read, “Hi Seyi, how are you doing? Did you enjoy our wedding and the time spent in Cluj? Does your friend enjoy? You seemed to enjoy enough, but this was not reflected in your contribution to our wedding costs. We have a 20 euro note, you and 5 euros of your friend, that is by far insufficient to cover the cost of the menu and drinks for the Sunday, and not to mention all the efforts for organizing the Saturday in the garden of the party and the welcome packs, etc. The average contribution of 100 euro/person, while even 75 euros would be sufficient to cover the costs incurred in connection with the menu, drinks and the location. I hope you understand the difficult position would be if all our guests have contributed only with the 5 and 20 euro. If this was not clear from the beginning, my apologies for not explain it better.”

The message ended with instructions on how to pay and more money, and how much they had expected. “Therefore, we would appreciate it if you could please make a bank transfer to our account for the difference for the cover of your menu and drinks, which is a minimum of 125 euros for the two of you (75 euro/person min. while both paid a total of 25 euro).”


Not surprisingly, the message does not go over well, and the “bill” was never paid. Akiwowo concluded her story, “Safe to say that I am no longer friends with the collection agency. The couple are still together and had their first baby earlier this year. I still want my £ 25 back.”

Several posted that they were shocked at how quickly the “bill” was sent. As a user said: “My favorite part is the idea of mathematics for the afternoon. I have yet to do and so must recommend her.” Another, “not a destination wedding if you can’t pay for it. I had a friend, whose children were “wanted” donations to charity instead of the day gave in elem school.”

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