Bret Michaels’ daughter Raine talks to strip for Sports Illustrated

Bret Michaels’ daughter Raine Michaels is ready for a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model.

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Raine Michaels was born to rock the runway.

The 18-year-old aspiring model, who is the daughter of the Poison frontman Bret Michaels recently made her runway debut for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit show in Miami.


Michaels, a recent high school graduate, was selected from more than 25,000 hopefuls, eager to earn a place within the pages of the coveted magazine.

Michaels spoke on Fox News about the participation in the SI competition, meeting Kate Upton and growing up with a rock star.

Congratulations again to my daughter @rainee_m on your journey, promoting the #Sweet16 and last night @si_swimsuit @paraisofashionfair @cabanashow event. Your personality & character shone through. Your drive to do this on your own shows where the heart and great merit. So very proud of you and that you got to meet your idol @kateupton. Congratulations to all the other participants, you are all great. ??#SISwimSearch #SISwim @sportsillustrated @mj_day

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Fox News: How was it strutting the catwalk?
Raine Michaels: It was incredible, that is all I can say. It was one of the best experiences I have ever had in my life. The whole week was just amazing.

Fox News: What went through your head when you are walking?
Michaels: Oh my gosh, I was so nervous. The only thing I could think was ‘don’t fall, don’t fall, don’t fall.’ And I was not even wearing high heels! So I was like, it can’t be that hard. But I had never ran a track in my life. So I was really nervous.

This was my first fashion show ever, and it was for Sports Illustrated. So this is a pretty big deal. And I was surrounded by a pool. So if you fall, you go directly to a swimming pool. But I channeled my nervousness and turned it into excitement.

Fox News: Why is SI a dream for you?
Michaels: Sports Illustrated is one of my goals since I was probably 13 years old. I have always been a part of Sports Illustrated. I loved the magazine. Kate Upton is one of my biggest role models in life. I’ve always that they really want to show that it’s all about inner beauty that shines.

THAN excited to announce that I’m moving on to the next round in the #siswimsearch !!! So grateful for this amazing opportunity and so excited to meet @mj_day @si_swimsuit in MIAMI!!!! ?????????????

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Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. There is no shape or size is perfect. And they show that all formats, all forms of matter, all the varieties are beautiful. That is something I really wanted to be a part of, because that is what we need in the world today.

Fox News: Is it true you met Kate Upton?
Michaels: I did! She is so, so sweet and down to earth. And she is absolutely stunning in person. I was talking with her, and I could not stop staring at her. She is just so beautiful. And they had just announced that she is pregnant.

She was glowing. We have yet to speak for two minutes… but only in those two minutes, I was starstruck… But I just see so much of myself in her. We have a similar body type and it is cool to see girls like me who have become so successful in life.

Fox News: When did you realize you wanted to become a model?
Michaels: My mother used to be a model, so it is always a thing that I wanted to do. I really look to my parents… I wanted to follow in her footsteps and pursue. I got a contract with an agency when I was 16, but I haven’t done much because I was still very young.

Blue jean babyyyy?

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And the way my body is, it is suitable for lingerie and swim. And you can’t do that if you are 16 and 17 years old. They didn’t want me to go out and do lingerie, when I had just turned 16. But I’ve always wanted to do modeling and get into the entertainment industry… But now, here I am! …Hopefully this is my big modeling break.

Fox News: How important is it for you to make it on your own?
Michaels: of Course, people know who my father is. Of course, I’m really proud of who he is and what he has done. He is a great person. So I am not ashamed that people know that I have a celebrity parent. I realize that yes, he can open doors, but I have to work hard to open them.

Fox News: What is your dad’s answer to your career?
Michaels: He has always been very supportive of everything that I do. He wants me to succeed in what I want to pursue in life. He was so proud. He would call me like every second. He would go, ‘Oh my God, how are you doing? Are you also so happy?’ Just before I went, I was like, ‘Dad, I must go now.’ And he said, ‘Right, Right, but I’m so happy for you! I wait outside, I’ll see you right after!’ I was like, ‘Oh my goodness, OK.’

I was in conversation with some of the girls [in the league] and they were like: ‘My father is so crazy that I’m going to walk in a bikini now.” And I’m, like, it does not need to be sexualized. It is something you just want to do. You will feel beautiful, to trust your body and you want to show it. That is amazing. My father total gets, that is really cool, because I know that not all fathers do.

Happy father’s day to the coolest guy???

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Fox News: What was it like to grow up with Bret Michaels?
Michaels: Everyone always asks me, but to be honest, it was so normal. I don’t think anything in it really. I thought that going to a concert and the meeting, and Lynyrd Skynyrd was normal. There is, of course, but I have an amazing, incredible life. I wouldn’t change it for anything.

He is a regular father. We go to the beach, play football in the front yard – we do regular things. But it is really cool just to meet a lot of people by means of what he has done. At the time that he can go home, he is… And I’ve been on tour with him. But always when he is not touring, even if it is just for two days, that he comes home with us.

Fox News: When it comes to boyfriends, how is your father?
Michaels: He is really cool. He is not weird, I’m going to pull out the shotgun as you type. He is definitely protective, but he understands that it is a part of growing up. He let it happen. But I am single and now so is he happy.

The window was so interesting??

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