Breaking: house hammering a tough line on immigration bill

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Ryan relates to competing immigration bills both fail

Speaker of the house of representatives, Paul Ryan says, brought two of the immigration bills to the House floor is a ” legitimate exercise,’ the legislature may provide for the coordination of the policy of your preference.

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On the roster: Breaking: house hammering a tough line on immigration bill – the Big bucks keep pouring in for RNC Senate spurned the Trump move of the symbolic deficit, The judgment of the judge: the First task – they call him the vaper vapor

Fox News: “An immigration overhaul, supported by conservatives, failed in the house Thursday, as GOP leaders abruptly a vote on a compromise delayed measure, in the midst of party divisions. While the conservative version was expected to fail, house leaders had hoped, the separate compromise measure, might have a chance. But tensions are high over the debate about the family separations on the border. President Trump‘s sudden executive action on the border crisis came some of the urgency for Congress to act. But house GOP leaders were still pulling out to bring the holding Republicans only reluctantly on Board, in the hope that the solution of broader questions of immigration before the November midterm elections. This vote is now scheduled for Friday. Passage of the bill was always a long shot, but errors may well have come at a steeper price than Republicans triggered — and Trump — that is, expectations that, as the party in control of Congress and the White house, you can fix the nation’s long-standing problems with the entry. “This is a bill that is the consensus. This is a bill that the President supports. It is a law that might is right,” said House majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif.”

Ryan breaks with freedom Caucus – WaPo: “A house immigration bill painstakingly negotiated by the Republicans seemed to be on the brink of failure before a planned Thursday vote after House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.) and a top conservative leader engaged in an unusually heated floor confrontation Wednesday. Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N. C.) argues with Ryan in plain view of legislators, aides and reporters during a Wednesday afternoon vote — a quarrel, meadows, later confirmed, surrounded by the immigration votes on Thursday. Which could be seen in the generally mild-mannered meadows, repeat, “it doesn’t matter” said Ryan to him, and he walked away from Ryan, to return only in a point and to argue more. In an interview with journalists later, meadows accused Ryan and other house leaders a bait-and-switch — the consent to a deal, what is included in the compromise legislation, leaving the only key provisions from the final text.”

Trump continues to blame Democrats during the session of the Cabinet of Ministers – CBS News: “President Trump continue to blame Democrats for those who don’t want to solve to the nation the outstanding problems with the entry, in the light of his executive order changing the policy on the separation of children from immigrant families crossing the southern border illegally. … He added that the Democrats are responsible for a ‘massive child trafficking industry” and not enough resources to combat the issue of the accommodation of the children of migrant workers. … Meanwhile, the Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney announced during the meeting that the administration would be the spearhead of a massive reorganization of the Federal government. Mulvaney said the move fulfilled the president’s promise, the swamp dry up’ in Washington. “It’s been almost 100 years since someone a reorganization of the government on this scale,’ said Mulvaney. He uses food metaphors-slam-the ‘Byzantine’ nature, how the government regulates currently, the process is ‘dumb’ and ‘makes no sense.’

Melania visits to child detention center in Texas – Fox News: “First lady Melania Trump on Thursday visited a child detention center in Texas, is home to minors in the country illegally — in the Wake of her husband’s executive order that ended the practice of separation of families. Mrs Trump visited the Upbring of New Hope Children’s Center after you were reported, a power to act of the President, in the Wake of a days-long controversy over the impact of the Department of Justice’s” zero-tolerance ” policy. The first lady said earlier, through her spokeswoman, that she ‘hates’ to see families separated at the border. “We all know that they are here without their families, and I would like to thank you for your hard work, compassion, and kindness that they give you in these difficult times,” Ms. Trump said a roundtable of workers at the Texas center.”

“The Congress led us through the Revolution was a less numerous body than their successors; they were not elected, nor responsible to, their fellow citizens at large, but are appointed from year to year, and recallable pleasure, they were generally continued for three years, and prior to the ratification of the Federal articles, for a still longer period.” – Alexander Hamilton or James Madison, Federalist No. 55

The Atlantic: “Why do some books make us want to know an author personally, to identify so closely with the public work that we are trying to claim on the private self? In a conversation for this series, the writer A. M. Homes explored their own relationship to [J. D. Salinger]—the strange coincidences tying his work, your life, your short, disappointing brush with the real author, and how she finally learned to him to let go. We discussed how the Salinger story “For Esmé—With love and squalor’ is celebrating missed connections, reminding us that even a short, take a look at enough to make a person change for the better. In the houses is of the view that the relationship shown in the story is a good model for the relationship between writer and reader: a pure Association, the redeemed to understand is, in the direction of the clutter of daily life. “For Esmé’ helped to inspire, ” The National cage bird,’ a story in the homes of the new collection, the days of awe. Like Salinger’s original, the story of a shell-shocked soldier and a troubled teenager, the forge offers unlikely, volatile bond…”

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Trump job performance
Average Approval:
42.8 Percent
Average of the refusal:
with a high of 51.8 percent
Net Score:
-9 Points
Change from a week ago:
up 2.4 points
[On average contains: Quinnipiac University: 43% approve – 52% lean; USA Today/Suffolk University: 43% approve – 51% oppose; CNN: 41% approve – 54% lean; CBS News: 42% approve – 52% lean; Gallup: 45% approve – 50% decline.]
Control of the house
Republican Average:
Democratic Means: 47.6 Percent
Democrats + 6 points
Change from a week ago:
democratic advantage by 2.4 points
[On average contains: Quinnipiac University: 44% Dems 43% GOP; CNN: 50% Dems 42% GOP; the Monmouth-University: 48% Dems 41% GOP; Pew Research Center: 48% Dems 43% GOP; Fox News: 48% Dems, 39% of GOP.]

WaPo: “The Republican National Committee in the summer, with almost twice the fundraising power of his Democratic counterpart, although democratic campaigns are on the way to get a massive infusion of cash by about $ 80 million commitment from former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg. As the majority of countries, battles, prepare for the 2018 General elections, the RNC showed a strong fundraising totals, pulling in another $14 million in may for a total of $187.7 million for the cycle, according to new Federal Election Commission records Wednesday night submitted. The RNC had to show $47.4 million in cash on hand, records. The Democratic National Committee raised $5.6 million in may for a total of $97.8 million for the cycle. The DNC remained in debt, this month, all the year, with $8.7 million cash on hand and $5.7 million in debt, the FEC records.”

Maine Dems get their man in the hotly contested house primary appeal: “More than a week after the voters went to the polls, the Maine Secretary of state on Wednesday evening declared, state House assistant majority Leader Jared Golden , the winner of the democratic nomination in the 2nd District. Golden will now be the challenge, the two-term Republican Rep. Bruce Poliquin in November in a traditionally Democratic district that voted for President Donald Trump in 2016. Golden was the first way in last week’s three-way primary with 47 percent of the vote, the majority choose to avoid, a so-called instant-runoff. Conservationists Lucas St. Clair was second with 39 percent. … With no one a majority, the third place was occupied, Islesboro bookstore owner Craig Olsonwas eliminated and his votes were distributed to his supporters’ second choice. Golden then finish in front of St. Clair, 54 percent to 46 percent.”

Matchup set for Maine gubernatorial race – Bangor Daily News: “Attorney General Janet Mills won Maine in 2018 democratic gubernatorial nomination, according to unofficial ranked-choice count by the state were released Wednesday, defeating lawyer Adam Cote , and the other five after last week’s elections. It took eight days for the winner to be declared Secretary of state Matt Dunlap‘s office, after the voting procedures were approved by Maine voters in 2016, was in a nationwide election for the first time in the history of the United States, in four different races. While the Republicans picked businessman Shawn Moody for Governor in a landslide on election day, the Democrats had to wait for the mills of Farmington winner declared to be the Cote of Sanford, a lobbyist Betsy Sweet of Hallowell, the former speaker of the house Mark Eves of North Berwick, and three others.”

Dems divided on who should be given the Walker – Marquette University: “A new Marquette Law School poll finds in three Wisconsin voters remains undecided on the August primary candidates in each party. Among the Democratic primary voters, 34 percent say they don’t know which of the 10 candidates, the support for the gubernatorial nominee to run against Gov. Scott Walker in November. In the Republican primary for the US Senate, 30 percent of primary voters are undecided, who will face Sen. Tammy Baldwin. In the previous survey, Feb. 25-1. March 2018, were 44 percent undecided in the Democratic primaries. Among Republican primary voters, 49 percent were undecided. The non-incumbent candidates are not yet known to voters in Wisconsin. Under the democratic gubernatorial candidates, the percentage of those who say they have not heard enough or don’t know whether you have a positive or negative opinion to each of the candidates is shown below.”

[Watch Fox: results from the Fox News poll of the Republican gubernatorial primary in Florida will be announced at 6 p.m. ET on “special report with Bret Baier.” Candidates with at least 10 percent support in the survey, invited to participate in a Fox News debate in Orlando in June 28.]

Politico: “The Senate narrowly rejected an attempt to invoke the trump-administration with the proposal to cancel billions of dollars in programs like the children’s health Insurance Program, dealing a potentially fatal blow for the White house, the first major cost-cutting efforts. The procedural vote tea President Donald Trump ‘ s $15 billion cuts package for floor consideration failed 48-50 Wednesday afternoon. Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine), against the procedural vote, had made it clear for weeks that they had objections to the package. But the surprise GOP betrayal came from sen. Richard Burr (R-N. C.), which is already fighting behind the scenes on the land and water conservation cuts in the rescission package. Burr ultimately broke with the GOP, because it guarantees to protect a vote on his amendment, the financing, according to a Senate GOP aide. Senate GOP leaders have until Friday to pass the so-called repeal measure by a simple majority decide, before continuing on with their special procedural powers expire, and a 60-vote threshold. The failed vote could bill the Senate for the first and only shot on the advance of the White house’s much-touted deficit reduction.”

This week, Fox News Senior judicial Analyst judge Andrew Napolitano asked if the FBI may independently be: “On the one hand, the FBI is an investigative unit only. It does not decide to whom or to calculate what; it reports its findings to prosecutors in connection with the presentation of the evidence from grand juries. be only As such, the FBI lawyers, for whom it works, and the Ministry of justice, of course, works for the President is subject to the Ministry of justice of the state. On the other hand, because both the DOJ and the FBI are governed by the ethical rules that lawyers and by the values of the rule of law is implicit in the American culture and be accepted by the courts, the Ministry of justice of the United States enjoys a degree of independence from the President and the FBI enjoys a certain degree of independence from the DOJ. Principles such as equal protection under the law and due process of the law, the protection of life, liberty, and property and trump the instructions of the President to the DOJ and the instructions of the DOJ to the FBI.” More here.

SupCo rules, States can collect sales tax for online purchases nationwide – Fox News

John Bolton , Russia to visit next week to discuss a possible summit – CNBC

WH plans to merge the education and labor departments: OMB-report – Fox News

Trump allegedly threw Starburst at Merkel during the G-7 summit: ‘Don’t say I never anything” – Fox News

“Have you ever noticed that you always call the other side” of the elite.’ The elite!!! Why are you elite? I have a much better apartment than you do. I’m smarter than you are. I’m richer than you are. I was President and you don’t.” – President of Trump at a rally in Duluth, Minn. Wednesday Night.

“The era of the professional politician comes to an end. It started as a whisper, it was loud, forced, up to now, Term Limits ‘scream’ ” on the agenda. Too often, we have observed that a ‘state man’, once elected, turn into just another self-serving politician. The obvious answer is ‘Term Limits’…but what to shoot politicians “themselves in the foot”. Yes, there must be a way.” – Howard Sharpell, San Marcos, Calif.

[Ed. Note: It is a funny thing, Mr. Sharpell. All kinds of people will be chosen on the basis of being foreign, but start to sound different when you are here. Potomac fever is contagious. I go back and forth on the question of time limits. There are certainly some things, such as the removal of the direct election of senators, and the restoration of regular order in the house, I think that would be worth the first, but I am sympathetic to the idea of boundaries, to say the least. I think it would also be helpful if we began to judge people on their ideas and their records, rather than arbitrarily abjuring those with experience. I know a lot of power who should have gone home a long time ago, many of whom still make their living out of decrying the institution. And I have also seen many that are brand new, should be returned at the first opportunity.]

“I’m not a large brain, but why should America, on the short end of the rates for the rest of the world? Maybe it was ok, after the WW2, but today almost all are the same, so by what reasoning is the Congress and the other complaining about a “level playing field”? Help me understand the thinking.” – Bob Baker, Brownsville, Texas

[Ed. Note: I do not doubt that your brain is quite large, in fact, Mr. Baker! But I’m afraid you are misinformed. The appeal of the current administration, is to make low-cost good from other countries, where things are cheaper harms American manufacturing. We can have full employment, but the current government wants to work you to make the types of jobs in which Americans, to return to a mid-20th century manufacturing model. To serve this goal, you are going to goods from other countries more expensive, so that American producers get an advantage. This means higher costs for consumers, but supporters say it is the price for planning a business, in the model that you are looking for. The greater danger, however, is that other countries do the same in retaliation and shut down markets for American goods, especially agricultural products and high-end finished goods such as aircraft. We know not, as the President of the game of chicken is going to play, but the point here is not to help Americans sell more abroad, it’s about the renewal of the domestic economy.]

“I love the quotes from Charles Krauthammer, which you can use. I have missed his wisdom and wit, because he was sick. His book is a gem to read.” – David Zlotnick, Santa Fe, N. M.

[Ed. Note: It is really, really is. For those who haven’t read “things that matter,” you are not.]

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KTRK: “the owner of the Houston smoke shop hope surveillance video will help police identify a man who crawled on the floor throughout a burglary over the weekend. It all happened on Saturday on the smoke glass on the West 34th Street in Houston. Co-owner Billy Cosgrove , said the man deliberately to the window, which does not have burglar bars. This is something they have corrected. “I have said never seen anyone crawl-video-handle like the safety that we have set up,’ Cosgrove. He said the man came back 20 minutes later, still slid to the ground. He took almost $1,000 in merchandise and cash, while causing more than $700 in damage, Cosgrove said. She is offering a reward for information leading to an arrest.”

“This is no time for mushy compromise. A solution requires two acts of national: to absorb the ugly action, a fence, and the extremely generous act, the ultimately full citizens those who broke our laws to come to America.” – Charles Krauthammer, writing in the Washington Post, 7. April 2006.

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