Brazil’s president accuses DiCaprio of financing, forest fires,

The Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro, has said Friday that Leonardo DiCaprio is the cause of the forest fires in the Amazon basin countries. For that charge he will have no proof of that.

Bolsonaro is responding, according to news agency Reuters, most likely the messages that are going around on social media. It has been claimed that the World wide Fund for Nature (WWF) volunteer fire department has paid for the pictures of the fires in the Amazon basin.

The photo’s of the WWF, and then used for fundraising, including a contribution of $ 500,000 (about € 450,000) of DiCaprio. The WWF is denying that the photo has been paid and that it is a donation, DiCaprio has been given.

“What a cool guy that’s Leonardo DiCaprio. To donate money to the Amazon jungle on fire,” said Bolsonaro, during a brief press conference at the presidential residence in the capital, Brasilia, is located.

Jair Bolsonaro is singing the song of the Brazilian army during a national holiday. (Photo: Reuters)

The actor denies donations

DiCaprio denies that will be donated to the WWF. “Even though they have your support it would deserve, and have the above mentioned organizations do not have the donations from the us”. DiCaprio is well-known as a champion of the environment, and has been used in the fight against Amazonebranden.

Tuesday, the four members of Alter-do-Chão-fire (an ngo), were arrested for the arson. They were, according to the police, burn, burn it and then using the pictures for more fundraising. On Thursday, they were released from custody.

In order to forest is a ‘cultural’

This past summer, there was plenty to do in and around large forest fires in the Amazon basin, the largest tropical rainforest in the world.

The Brazilian government has published a report which showed that in the last year, 30 percent of the Amazon forest has disappeared compared to the previous year, the largest amount in eleven years.

Nature conservation, due to the accelerated deforestation and the policies of Bolsonaro, who has promised to be in the area to open up the country, and the mining industry. In order to make this work, the forests are often burned to the ground.

Bolsonaro has responded to the publication of the government report that the deforestation of the Brazilian cultural practice, it has been, and always will remain the same. Rather, he said that the international community should not interfere in the Brazilian areas such as the Amazon rainforest.


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