Brazilian coach Tite: “I expect a fantastic match’

The Brazilian coach Tite and his captain Miranda in Kazan assesses the outlook for the kwartfinaleduel against Belgium.

Miranda and Tite © Belga Image

Tite is counting on the ‘versatility’ of his players against the Red Devils, ‘an offensive strong team’. “I expect a great match between two teams that have great football, each with their own qualities’, he noted.


Tite underlined the great creativity within the Belgian team, but also saw his own team progressing. “My group will continue to grow, that you have seen during the last match. That is the most important for me. I see it as a personal challenge to make them better. Each and every day. If allows us better to play than the opponent, the better. That is the way of football that I prefer. But you also win games with bad game. Belgium is a team with many qualities.’

Brazil is counting all the whole tournament on a strong defence. The front can all the time score. “That is the strength of our team. I have a lot of versatile players, who in various ways can be scored. We may be on the counter-attack play, a fast switch. Speed is one of the characteristics of our team. Another quality is the spot. Douglas Costa, Neymar, Gabriel, Jesus, and William are all strong in a one-on-one situation and know how the smallest spaces to be exploited.’


Brazil must be Friday the suspended Casemiro miss. Left Marcelo is after a lumbago, however once again in the selection. He replaces probably re-Filipe Luis, him replaced against Serbia, and Mexico. Gabriel Jesus seems to be in the front again, preferring to enjoy over Roberto Firmino. “We will be mentally strong and very focused’, decided Tite. “Those are two very important things to respect. I hope also that the penalty ends. That can’t be the end of a match. We need to find another way, though I know not what.’


The Brazilians are wary of the attacking strength of the Belgians. “Belgium is offensively very strong, well-known Miranda Thursday at the Kazan Arena during the traditional press conference the day before the quarter-finals.

Miranda is a 33-year-old central defender of Inter Milan and will be Friday undoubtedly Romelu Lukaku a few times encounter. The striker of Manchester United took place this tournament four times, the road to the nets. ‘It’s not just about Lukaku, there are a lot of balvaardige and technical strong players at the Belgians. You must be aware of their qualities. We can only be as good as possible to prepare.’

Belgium Friday evening a rendezvous with history. With a win, knock our country, after all, for the second time in the history through to the semi-finals of the world cup. But also with the Brazilians, the pressure is large. The Seleçao will count as only country with five world titles, the last dates back to 2002, and sixteen years is an eternity for the voetbalgekke country.

‘The team is, however, used to that pressure, we consider it our responsibility to perform well. Belgium will have even more of our technical skills requirements. So, We will be very concentrated”, decided Miranda.

The Brazilians trained then a first and last time on the field of Kazan.

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