Brazil – Germany (1-7) revisited: the death of joga bonito

On July 8, 2014 and humiliated Germany and host country Brazil in the semi-finals of the world cup with 1-7 digits. During this interlandbreak both countries for the first time since that historic day, again opposite each other. Sport/Voetbalmagazine popped up four years back in time and reconstructed it that dreamlike evening.

David Luiz and Luiz Gustavo kneel in front of Mesut Ozil and his Mannschaft. © BELGAIMAGE

Wim Vos was on that particular July 8, 2014 as one of the few Belgian journalists in the Estádio Mineirão. Also with him teems the semi-finals of the world cup in Brazil is still after: “In sixteen years voetbaljournalistiek is Brazil – Germany match me most will stay. Especially because no one -journalists, supporters, non – could place what happened there. No one knew of a attitude. Some cried, some laughed, others stared paralyzed in front of him. I consider myself as a sober person, but at the 4-0 beat I do one hand for my mouth.”

“At 3-0 thought: okay, one goal of the Brazilians and we have a match, but the 4-0 after just 25 minutes, you realized suddenly that it was a bizarre, historic evening would be. The Brazilians were faced with a much to high expectations while they are actually not that a good team had, and the Germans played the best football that I ever saw. With one attack from the booklet after the other. Then, you get something.”

“For the rest, it was 5-0 and I remember that there were in the press room little was said. “What have we here?’, you saw everyone thinking. Still, everyone is serene, aggressiveness in the stands was not the case. Not even after the match outside the stadium. The Brazilian people was simply lamb beaten. However, you could tell that everyone in that match, even the Brazilians, realized that it was a match for the history. There was a yacht created on the cups of Coca-Cola with the results and date.”

The 7-1 victory of Germany against Brazil was the largest defeat ever in a semi final of a world cup. The largest defeat ever in the history of the proud Seleção, which nota bene is not an official ” home more had lost since 1975. Three or four zero in the boat, to there, but zéven?! Can you do that purely on a sporting mismatch attribute, or is there more to it?

Such as, for example, at the world cup 1998 in France was: Brazil lost the final of Zidane & Co with a clear 3-0 figures. Afterwards came out that the Brazilian topspits Ronaldo was a victim of a epilepsieaanval a few hours before kick-off, but that is partly due to the pressure of teamsponsor Nike still decided to let him start. Ronaldo played a pale-final and Brazil lost no chance of the French.

Such a declaration came after the massacre in Belo Horizonte. A year later, only one conclusion remained intact: it was the death foretold of the Brazilian joga bonito.

The blunders of Scolari

Brazil started with a lot of doubts to the world cup in their own country. There was the lack of official, competitive international matches in the run-up to the tournament. There was the controversy around the organisation of the world cup and the cost that that would entail for the Brazilian citizen. There was the lack of offensive talent in the selection of the Canaries. There was the inhuman pressure to the shame of the Maracaña 1950, when the Brazilians also a world cup organized but in the finale is surprisingly down went against Uruguay to clear and the Brazilian people finally get that sixth world title to deliver.

All hope rested on the young shoulders of Neymar Jr. The then 22-year-old attacker showed his unadulterated class and magnificence despite that pressure, however, decisive. With four goals and two assists he could have a little sparkling in Brazil beyond the group stage in sheds and in the eighth-finals Chile restrain. But in the quarterfinals against Colombia, tragedy struck: defender Juan Zuniga planted his knee into the back of Neymar with a broken rib as a result. Brazil won the match eventually on penalties, but the damage was done. The day after that quarter was only about the impending semi-final against Germany the talking. The loss of Neymar: that was the headline.

Then they all went into hiding at the first sign of fear. Without the absolute star player and leader to take office -that was a total of 27 international matches ago – against the most feared team in the world cup: Germany. And even without the captain Thiago Silva, who with a silly obstruction on goalkeeper David Ospina his second yellow card of the tournament picked up and suspended had to look.

The question was how Felipe Scolari, who as a tactician, not the best reputation enjoyed, that great loss would absorb. By most analysts was a strengthened civil society suggested, both with Gustavo, Paulinho as Fernandinho in the trenches of the middle axis. Not the most sophisticated of players, but disciplined and enthusiastic trotters that the German machinery, you could disrupt. The front had Oscar, Fred and Hulk , but their plan to pull. Another option was for the team to keep the previous races with William in the place of Neymar. Less targeted, but tactically strong and with a lot of European clubbing experience (white).

Scolari thought otherwise and gambled on a surprise effect. Not William or Paulinho started in the base, but Bernard. A small winger who barely had played in the tournament. Asset: born in Belo Horizonte and so the local hero in the Mineirãostadion. Scolari wanted the Germans bluffed and press on them. That happened, however, without too many tactical exercises and trainings, it was by the players afterwards recognised.

And yet it was Scolari not uitgetoverd: as alternate captain, he did not for the experienced goalkeeper Julio Cesar, but for the profound faith and not good character, David Luiz. An engaged boy, but as a defender is far from flawless and emotionally not the labielste -he was often the first to cry when the national anthem begun.

It proved to piece fatal decisions…

Chronicle of a humiliation

July 8, 2014, Belo Horizonte, 16u55 local time. The national anthem of Brazil is used. Luiz and Cesar holding together the shirt of Neymar high. Public, players and employees scream the emotions.

Paulo Conde, sports journalist at Folha de São Paulo, the largest newspaper of Brazil, the but nothing. “At the Confederations Cup a year earlier was the singing of the national anthem to be an asset, but at the world cup was a handicap,” says he. “The players felt responsible for 200 million Brazilians, that cripple them. The tears and the screams of our players during the national anthem, betrayed in the first place an unprecedented stress. With Regina Brandao, a imprisonment: of Scolari, there was a teampsychologe with it, but they could apparently not get through to the players. The spirit in the team will be completely wrong.”

17h, Germany kicks off. Brazil immediately shows its offensive intentions and tries a high block. After two minutes ensures that for a first chance in the match, Marcelo kicks along the farthest pole. Four minutes later, following a reuzenkans for Sami khedira cope , which provided a fine volley to teammate Miroslav Klose will see beaches. It promises to be an open duel.

Tenth minute, corner for Germany, Toni Duckweed pedal tight to the penaltypunt, a simple rehearsed track brings Thomas Müller only for the purpose. A dekkingsfout of David Luiz. Paulo Conde: “After the early goal from Müller collapsed the team together, and came to all the difficulties exposed. We had no offensive strengths more and more like Romario, Bebeto, Rivaldo, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho. That could be a contest in which we undercoats with a flash decide.”

22nd minute. A fluid combination through the heart of the Brazilian defence put Klose in front of goal, that in two times of trains. 0-2. For Klose his sixteenth world cup hit a milestone and that is just against the Brazil of former record-holder Ronaldo. A symbolic moment. From then on it goes fast.

23rd minute. Again, an action on the right wing, where Philip Lahm and Mesut Özil , the duo of Marcelo-Bernard all the way search games. Duckweed, with his first of the tournament, popping left with a volley. 0-3.

25th minute. Fernandinho loses to thirty metres of his goal and more the ball to a opzittende Duckweed. Via a one-two with khedira cope is the 0-4. In the stands shedding the first tears, the dream is already in shambles.

28th minute. Defender Mats tiny toddlers , is moving on. He serves Özil and who will find a detached khedira cope. 0-5. David Luiz is in no fields or roads to be seen. Everywhere, the Brazilians are a step deficiency.

Peace. Some people leave the stadium, out of fear for riots after the match. It turns out that that there is no need for. “That kind of hooliganisme and fanaticism, only to see in our club football,” explains Conde. “You should also remember that the tickets for such a semi-final duration, the stadium was filled with bobo’s and more wealthy citizens. At no time we thought of a further escalation of the event.”

Scolari brings with Ramires and Paulinho for Hulk and Fernandinho reinforcement for the midfield. Thus, he gives his wrong tactics. With the Germans only one change: Per Mertesacker is injured tiny toddlers replaced. At the spelbeeld changes the little. Germany playing with Brazil. In the 51st minute, there is still a brilliant save from Manuel Neuer on Oscar, a minute later on a shot from Paulinho. The courage sinks the Seleção all the way in the shoes. If they want to) the enemy’s goal to get an unbeatable giant between the posts.

68th minute. Lahm set low for and just substitute André Schürrle tap within. 0-6. The Brazilian fans jeer at their own team.

78 th minute. Schürrle continues on the left and knocks over his ‘lesser’ foot over a verbouwereerde Cesar. 0-7. Germany gets applause from the Brazilian fans. The confusion is turned into admiration, and humor.

89th minute. Oscar scores the eerredder after an individual action. Neuer and his defenders are upset. It says everything about the mentality that die Mannschaft on the pitch. The German selection harvest, however, also sympathy of voetbalminnend Brazil after the 0-5 not full on the gas pedal, and the goals modest to celebrate.

“During the calm it was agreed to seriously and be disciplined to continue to play football. It was important that we have respect for our opponent and not looking were going to buy”, stated tiny toddlers the intentions afterwards.

At the press conference right after the match choose coach Scolari for the flight ahead and offers his resignation. On all kinds of newspapers in an extra edition in other punch, with headlines such as ‘Tragedy’, ‘Humiliation’, or even an wordless black front page.

(Matthias Stockmans)

This is an article that in July 2015, already appeared in Sport/Voetbalmagazine. The friendly Germany – Brazil is tonight, march 27th place in Berlin.

Digest: Brazil – Germany 1-7 in the 2014 world cup


Julio César; Maicon, David Luiz, Bonfim Dante, Marcelo; Luiz Gustavo, Fernandinho (46′ Ramires); Hulk (46′ Paulinho), Oscar, Bernard, Fred (69′ William). Coach: Felipe Scolari.


Manuel Neuer; Philip Lahm, Jérôme Now, Mats Tiny Toddlers (46′ Per Mertesacker), Benedikt Höwedes; Thomas Müller, Sami Khedira Cope (76′ Julian Draxler), Bastian Schweinsteiger, Toni Duckweed, Mesut Özil; Miroslav Klose (’58 André Schürrle). Trainer: Joachim Löw.

Goals: 10′ Müller (0-1), 22′ Klose (0-2), 23′ Duckweed (0-3), 25′ Duckweed (0-4), 28′ Khedira Cope (0-5), 68′ Schürrle (0-6), 78′ Schürrle (0-7), 89′ Oscar (1-7)

Yellow cards: 68′ Dante.

Red cards: /.

Referee: Marco Rodriguez (Mex)

Spectators: 58141 in the Estádio Mineirão to Belo Horizonte

Matchstats: Corners: 7-5

Possession: 48 % – 52 %

Offside: 3-0

Shots on goal: 18-14

Shots within framework: 8-10

Violations: 11-14

Man of the match: Toni Duckweed (Dui)


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