Brazil believes that the Russian military Venezuela should leave

The Brazilian government has on Thursday said that the Russian soldiers recently to Venezuela have flown the country to leave if their effort intended to the incumbent government of president Nicolás Maduro to support.

The Brazilian minister of Foreign Affairs Ernesto Araújo hopes that the Russians realize that the social crisis and economic downturn in Venezuela will worsen as the government supported and continues to be.

According to Brazil’s free elections is the only solution for the deadlock in Venezuela.

While the Brazilians as well as many other countries are driving towards a political solution to the ongoing crisis in the South American country, the Venezuelan court Thursday correctly determined that the self-proclaimed interim president Juan Guaidó fifteen years, no public function should hold.

According to the court of auditors has Guaidó “public tasks observed which are not to his package, and were developed jointly with foreign governments on actions that the Venezuelan people harm”.

Guaidó applies as a figurehead of the protests

Guaidó themselves in January of this year, has been named the new interim president of Venezuela, sends to new elections. He also applies as the figurehead of the large-scale protests against the government in recent months took place.

The leader of the opposition enjoys the support of many South American countries, including Brazil. In the U.S., the EU and the Netherlands to support Guaidó. They recognize him as the interim leader of Venezuela.

United States warn again to restrict trade

The United States, which is also explicitly concerned with the situation in Venezuela, Thursday, in their turn, repeated that companies do not oliedeals more allowed to close with Venezuela.

The USA had already officially sanctions set against a Houston-based subsidiary of the Venezuelan staatsoliebedrijf PDVSA.

According to the united states is the sourcing of fuels is only allowed, for example, airlines in the country fly.

Crisis in Venezuela is dragging forth

Venezuela sigh, for a few years under a declining economy and social unrest. The opposition holds the government of the incumbent president Maduro was responsible for the situation in the country.

There are now large gaps, for example, foods and medicines arise and the country has in the past few weeks-several times had to deal with large-scale power outages, allowing virtually the entire public life has stopped.

Meanwhile, the inhabitants of the country still to the streets to protests against the policies of Maduro.

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