Brandt Corstius however, sued for libel after the misbruikbeschuldiging

Jelle Brandt Corstius will need to register for the criminal court still has to answer to the filing of the verkrachtingsbeschuldigingen in a press release to the media. Gijs van Dam recently and with the success of an article 12-procedure to take legal action against violators.

The Persecution Brandt Corstius

  • Libel and slander are types of defamation
  • Libel is the deliberate spreading of lies
  • Libel is the person defame
  • A citizen may, by an article 12 procedure, prosecution, enforcement
  • The court will then determine whether or not a case before the court, it should come up

Brandt Corstius wrote the following in 2017 with a story for the Faithful, in which he said he was sexually abused, too. He did not name, but wrote it in the early days of his television career, with the man’s work.

Van Dam was served, and soon thereafter, they filed a complaint for defamation, slander and libel, because the allegation is easy for him to deduce that it would have been.

For more than a week after the publication of the piece by Brandt Corstius, he was Dam on October 31, 2017, in an episode of the program to Society, which, he said, is that the article is about him. Van Dam does not deny the sexual contact, but that there was no use of force, or drugging.

AROUND and saw no sign of shame

The Public Prosecutor’s office (OM) decided not to prosecute, because there is no legal case of slander. It’s only libel if the person “intentionally, a person’s honour and reputation are affected”. This was in accordance with justice, is not the case at all.

From the Dam, did not agree with this decision, and, recently, a so-called article 12 procedure at the court of appeal in Amsterdam, the netherlands. The court had on Tuesday decided that there was still a court of law to the case, it should be examined as it may be, there is filled full with reproach.


Of the Dam on the evening of the alleged rape, and Brandt Corstius

Brandt Corstius will not be prosecuted for slander and libel

Nico Meijering, counsel for Brandt Corstius, stressed that his client will no longer be prosecuted for slander and libel, such as that in the first instance, be the case.

“With satisfaction, – we have taken note of the fact that, during the 12-procedure has proved to be a prosecution for libel is not an issue it can be. This will be further demonstrated that anything can be said to be the utterances of a person in conflict with the truth here.”

A Journalist does not have to worry about a lawsuit

The journalist, himself, had previously been entitled to rely upon his statements, and has done so in the context of the #metoo discussion, and that, therefore, he will not be prosecuted, it would have to be made.

“I’ve got a piece written about an experience that I, as a traumatic experience. With this piece, I wanted to give a voice to male victims of sexual violence. Anyone who takes the trouble to get it to read, you will come to conclude that it is the name of the Dam is not to be traced. I am not sure about this case,” said Brandt Corstius in a comment.

Van Dam does the re-filing of defamation, slander and libel

Lawyer: Van Dam, Peter Plasman, lets respond to it at night to know that he will on Tuesday return to the police to get to the return counter, Brandt Corstius, because of libel and slander.

“He has a statement he made today, published once again proved that he will stand up for male victims of sexual violence. Thus, he implies that he was gang-raped, and there is only one name to be associated, namely, that of my client,” said Plasman.

Brandt Corstius was done in november 2017, a report of child sexual abuse. It is TO be did some research into this allegation, but has not provided any information on which the report of the Brandt Corstius at the point of a compulsion, or a drug, in a sufficient degree of support”.

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