Brandslachtoffer processed their own trauma in the new movie of Sacha Polak

In the new film by Sacha Polak, Dirty God, plays actress Vicky Knight the victim of a zuuraanval and she gets the chance of a trauma: “I did not want a movie about a victim.”

Knight was at the age of eight, the victim of a fire in a pub. The man who her saved, survived the fire, but Knight could be her life resume. Although with the burn completely changed appearance.

The resilience that the young woman on the day should bring to a normal way of life in public to lead, was the Dutch filmmaker Sacha Polak a reason to make her the leading role in Dirty God.

The film at the beginning of this year, the International film Festival of Rotterdam opened, is about the young girl, Jade by her ex-boyfriend with hydrochloric acid, is attacked and mutilated adolescent and young mother, the road to adulthood.

“Vicky has the fire never can process. She says that it was because of this film, however, succeeded. I can of course not judge, but she says it is. It has its very well done,” says Polak against


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“Do you hear at the haunted house?’

In a scene in Dirty God visualizes Polak in what kind of confrontations, victims with visible injuries daily. So runs the character Jade with friends about the fair, if the group of the haunted house wants to enter, ask a girl that the friends to meet, or Jade part of the attraction is.

“For the filming of that scene, I asked not to Vicky or she is on the set in a similar situation in her life wanted to move. But we have a long time for the shooting of the film, however, spoke about how often and in what manner they used at school was bullied. That spookhuisscène has a different girl with burns so literally experienced. Vicky knew similar situations also quite good.”

“I have Vicky always as a powerful person seen’

But Dirty is God not a film that the viewer simply smashes with gloomy scenes, name-calling, or constantly suffering.

“I didn’t want to film about a victim,” says Polak. “I have Jade always considered to be a powerful person, seen someone who actually continuously trying to find solutions for her problem. She is doing that is not always the right way, but in essence it acts in the world with strength, zest for life and humor. That I felt immediately when I Vicky had first met.”

Director teaches actress swimming

That meeting between Polak and Knight at all, is a small miracle. Knight, who at the time of the recording served as an assistant nurse, thought initially that they are in the grind was taken.

“It has taken a long time for her confidence to win. I think they are in the first instance anyway, not really interested to meet us. That first contact was still going through the casting director Lucy Pardee, who has her the whole time approached and begged. Slowly have Vicky and I a relationship. We are together to dance lessons and I have every week with her the pool, visited with her to learn to swim. That has ensured that they me trust.”

Dirty God is now to be seen in Dutch cinemas.

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