Bram Moszkowicz surprised by other candidates Kroongetuige

Bram Moszkowicz surprised by other candidates Kroongetuige

Nine CELEBRITIES stayed for the RTL-program Kroongetuige a few weeks in the Swedish village of Öregrund to a fictitious murder to solve, under the leadership of ‘chief of police’ and presenter Monic Hendrickx. One kroongetuige’ throws in exchange for zwijggeld however, a spanner in the works during the investigation into the murder.

How the participants fare? speak with candidates Bram Moszkowicz, Thijs Zeeman, and Frits Wester, Esmée van Kampen and presenter Monic Hendrickx.

The participants have – in contrast to the viewer – nothing is seen and should be on the basis of minimal clues to the murder are trying to solve. That is compounded by the kroongetuige, that at the end of the game with the zwijggeld off if he succeeds in the murder unsolved.

Bram Moszkowicz

Moszkowicz: “Everyone thought in advance that I lead would have, but that was certainly not the case. As a lawyer, I just always on the other side stood out in this game.”

The former strafpleiter had previously indicated that you wish to know against whom he had to include in the game before he agreed to participate. “With some people I would not be so long under one roof want to sit.”

Ensure that afterwards mistakenly proved. “The atmosphere was very good, very relaxing. Some candidates have me somewhat perplexed. Frits Wester was very silent, while he is on television always have such a big mouth.”

Was that because Wester is so absorbed in the game, or was there perhaps a double agenda behind it? The political reporter is silent in all languages. “I trust no one, even the waiter of Nieuwspoort not more.”

Expedition Robinson

For actress Esmée van Kampen was the “lying and cheating” to say no easier than it is for the journalist. “That was my only doubt when I was asked to participate in this program. If I’m lying, you can see that directly. I am an open book. When I heard that the creators of Expedition Robinson the program had created, gave that to me the difference anyway.”

“The following program in which we can be seen together”, winks Wester.


Almost everyone in Öregrund was in the conspiracy, telling the participants. “A worker in the hotel even seemed to play a big part. We found out only after we the first episode saw. The viewer knows much more than we are, that makes the series so much fun.”

The amateur detectives names for the program, their residence at a secluded hotel near the crime scene. Not only the hotel, but the entire Swedish village was their ‘crime-scene’, where clues were that the participants in the murder were able to solve the problem.

Sailor: “We got some criticism from the villagers, that we are too hard had ridden. Not entirely undeserved, by the way. When I was on a mission with Fatima Moreira de Melo in the car, I wondered if I my will be on order. But we are by everyone in Öregrund received with open arms.”


For ‘commissioner’ Monic Hendrickx is the Kroongetuige her presenteerdebuut. “I found it fantastic to do. It’s very different than, for example, acting in Penoza. There you go as if the camera is not there, and while you are present to understand the viewer, the screen tries to lure. Also my role in Penoza very different, so here I am on the other side. Now, I am not the culprit, as I in Penoza, of course, often am.”

For the viewer has Hendrickx a tip. “Make sure you get the beer, soda, or chips all ready if you are going to watch, because you have to stay with it. Otherwise you’ll miss the small things, and it really is about the details.”


Kroongetuige is from Saturday 2 september to 22.00 hour to see on RTL 4. icipants Achmed Akkabi, Bram Moszkowicz, Marcel Musters, Esmée van Kampen, She Ragas, Frits Wester, Fatima Moreira de Melo, Thijs Zeeman and Monica Geuze try the perpetrator of the murder, and his kroongetuige to expose. Each week is a finder. There are a total of eight episodes.

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