Brain arranges with illegal provider of pay-tv channels

Brain arranges with illegal provider of pay-tv channels

Autersrechtenwaakhond Foundation Brain has reached settlement with an illegal provider of ripped pay-tv channels.

The unnamed party has in mind for suitable and stops immediately with the sale of illegal subscriptions, reports Brain. Also pay the provider a compensation of 10,000 euro for by Brain costs.

In addition, Brain received information about the source where the provider access to his illegal channels came from. That illegal pay tv channels were made by the provider through low-cost subscriptions to the man.

Those subscriptions contain links to illegal channels, which is via special hardware can be viewed. Users pay for the piracy to be much less than the premium questions, so that owners of real, legitimate channels money to miss. It comes to stations where a cable – or satellietabonnement.

Brain also says more purveyors of illegal stations on the trail, and has already started with sue. “They can count on a claim of Brain. The longer you continue, the more expensive it is”, says Brein director Tim Kuik.

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