Bradley Cooper reveals how having a child has changed him

Bradley Cooper reveals how having a child has changed him in a new interview with NPR.


Bradley Cooper is opening up about how a father has influenced his career choices.

The 43-year-oldA Star Is Born” actor and director tells NPR that having a family is “a miracle.”

“I think having a child and having a family of my own — and that is a miracle, something I’ve always dreamed of — has opened me up even more, I think, for the day, and to be present,” he says into the wall outlet.

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Cooper — who shares a 1-year-old daughter, Lea, with his girlfriend Irina Shayk — also said that his new family life he has more picky about the projects he takes on.

“I have around 15 years, going from film to film to film. And then I hit 39 and I stopped and I said, ‘What do I really want to do?'” he recalls. “I want to tell you about Joseph Merrick’s story inThe Elephant Man’. So I did that for a year. Then this story came to me, ‘A Star Is Born’ and then I spent the next four years.”

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His new career plan of only signing films that he gives, is something he really believes in and is looking for.

“The only thing that I know is in the future: It is worth the time to dedicate, even if there is a piece of art comes from the in half a decade, that would still be incredibly long as I can feel it as if it was the film I wanted to make, that is this film,” he says of “A Star Is Born’, that he is the star in the next Lady Gaga.

The co-stars hit it off quickly thanks to Cooper believes, it seems upbringings.

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“Here is the other thing that is connected Stefani [Germanotta, Gaga’s given name] and myself immediately, is that we are very, very loved as children. And when I meet people who have the same upbringing, I can just see it in them,” Cooper says. “And that is what I want my daughter to have — I always want her to feel it.”

Cooper’s praise for Gaga was not all, though. The actor went on to say that the “Born This Way” singer gave him confidence during the making of the film.

“I knew nothing about her. I didn’t even know what they looked like before I met her. And I was — I could not believe how good they made me feel, and how present she was — is. And then we went to the piano and sang, and it was this kind of beautiful thing. I couldn’t believe it,” he says.

“… The first time we sang together — everything is live; we sing it live in the movie… And I turned around and Lady Gaga, who was singing next to me, and she stood looking at me as if I [my character] Jackson Maine. And when you’re in a scene, and the actor has to fully believe that you are the character, you can’t believe it myself. So they really gave me that confidence.”

As ET recently caught up with Cooper, he handed out yet more praise for his leading lady.

“The chemistry was there right away — the minute that she was kind enough to let me come and talk with her about this project,” Cooper told ET of working with the pop star. “And so we were what are we going to do with this? So the fact that we already have a friendship by making art together is a kind of the most ideal way to use the chemicals.”

“A Star Is Born” hits theaters on Oct. 5.

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