Boyata: ‘Defending this system is demanding, but everyone is out’

Sport/Voetbalmagazine had in Russia a good conversation with Dedryck Boyata, the replacement for Vincent Kompany in the heart of the Belgian defence. Some remarkable quotes.

Dedryck Boyata © Belga Image

Dedryck Boyata…

… its status as a holder at the world cup:

“Three months ago, I had never dare to dream of. At that time I was not even sure that I would be in the 23. But this? I am very happy. Just as I am happy with my individual performance.

‘When I get back to the bank? The team does not rotate around me. If Vincent is fit, he is a very important person, one of the leaders of the team. If he or Thomas in the basis, is that a decision of the coach to which I have nothing to say to you.

“A national team is something collectiefs, here we are, 23 which are all in action. Also I. I have just been able to show that I present am, if they need me. You should not be satisfied with this selection, or with a move, you also have to show, I think. That automatisms which trains you also be able to show in the competition, was important. Trust you create, and I think that there is now.’

… the failed passage at Manchester City:

‘City was difficult. The time that I was there in the first team set, I was nineteen, and I was suddenly in a dressing room with Robinho, Patrick Vieira, Kolo and Yaya Touré, Carlos Tévez, Sergio Agüero,… I thought: what is happening here? Moreover, even if the right rear. It was fast, there were trophies to come, as soon as possible even. But in the training, when they were not necessarily the top, I will say. In the three or four years that I was there when the first team was involved, you had me and maybe one other guy. In any case, not much. Most of the competitors had much more experience.


If I have a son, I would recommend to stay in Belgium, there to gain experience, and then to leave.

“If I my journey would be over, I would do something faster leave Manchester City. I had opportunities but the new rules around home grown players have things changed. There are things said that in retrospect were not respected. I was in the core, but was not used. I have lost a lot of time. I was there yesterday, still with the father of Thibaut Courtois. Maybe I had certain things to do, but when I was in Belgium, I ate a sandwich not on a high level. I went full time to school in Woluwe and trained in the evenings by White Star, near. Football was a hobby. Only when I was with the Brussels tournament was going to play in Ireland came to Manchester City with me. There is, for me, changed everything: a full-time football and the evening lesson.

‘Had I not done this, I don’t know if I’m on the same level would have stood. I doubt that even. That being said: if I now have a son, and for him it would have to choose, I think that I would recommend to stay in Belgium, there to gain experience, and then to leave.”

… the defensive performance of our national team:

“If you are there with everyone would talk about it, they will all say that this is the best way to approach it is. Offensive is this top: Kevin that the game can divide, Eden that the holes in the dive or with the ball of the foot, penetrates, Romelu which is overflowing with self-confidence. I enjoy. (laughs) We can barely breathe, and it goes on all the time on and off. Defensive calls this system a lot of work, it is demanding, there is a lot of concentration and communication are needed. You are all the time in movement.

“Now, there are already some players who have experience with: I have in my club, the boys from Tottenham, the others,… Only for the wing backs is very difficult. But Yannick does that well, I find, having regard to its position is not. Believe me, he really is top, is always ready to work, listen to everyone. Thomas and Yannick put real miles.’

‘Vincent is almost family’

Read the full interview with Dedryck Boyata in our +zone, or in Sport/Voetbalmagazine of Wednesday 27 June.

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