Boy fed to the pigs was beaten, imprisoned, shower months

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – A slain Kansas boy, whose remains were fed to pigs, died. after escalating abuse that ended with him being beaten for “stealing food” and locked naked in a shower stall months as a closed-circuit surveillance camera recorded his deteriorating condition, according to the affidavits and search warrants released Monday.

The remains of the 7-year-old Adrian Jones were found in November 2015 on the family in Kansas City, Kansas, rental of property after officers responded to a report of domestic violence. The boy’s stepmother, Heather Jones, said the father of the child, Michael Jones, had beaten and choked her after she threatened to leave him and had fired a gun at her twice as she ran from the house. Heather Jones, worried because Michael Jones had left behind with six children, told the authorities that Adrian had died and been fed to pigs weeks earlier, according to the records.

The documents were released after Michael Jones was sentenced earlier this month to life in prison without chance of parole for at least 25 years. An identical sentence was ordered for Heather Jones in November.

According to the chronicles, Heather Jones told the authorities that He was physically abused before coming to live with the couple and had been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder with severe emotional detachment. They described him as “a psychopath, like a serial killer.” They said Adrian once tried to stab in her stomach when she was pregnant and that he is a patient in the various residential treatment facilities. An uncle told the authorities that the child had been diagnosed with schizophrenia.

The Joneses used increasing methods to determine Adrian, including strapping him to a crib mattress and then an inversion table, handcuffing him, restraining him with splints and ace bandages, shocking him with a device called a Zap-Enforcer, and puts him in a box with only his head sticking out, according to court records.

Heather Jones told the authorities that Michael Jones would also punch Adrian and the boy spent his last months confined to a cabin, where a piece of plywood was used to make him escape. Photos and videos show the boy suffered from “extreme hunger,” according to the records.

Michael Jones said that after finding the boy dead, his body was kept in the house for up to two weeks before the pigs were purchased from a person who was told that the animals be used for a home-schooling project. Michael Jones told the researchers that the pigs ate most of the body of the child and that the remaining bones were stored in a tub. Michael Jones explained the boy disappeared, saying that he was in a psychiatric hospital.

A child told investigators the pigs were in the garden after the return of spending a couple of weeks away from the house. The child also remembered hearing of Adrian shouting “I’m dying” by means of a guy and Heather Jones telling him to “suck it up” when he said that he could not walk, because his feet were swollen.

Asked why she hated Adrian, Heather Jones told authorities that the boy had lied to the welfare of the researchers, which results in her biological son is deprived of. Heather Jones spoke about the fight with the boy in a private Facebook group: “pain compliance does not work” and that he “has to be restrained 95% of the time.” A person who responded showed that they overdo it, writing “god bless you for it!!!”

The well-being of the officials in Kansas and Missouri had involvement with the family. Records released earlier this month show that Adrian Jones was 5 years old, in July 2013, when he told a Missouri Children’s Division of the employee and the police-officer that a “little bone”, when his father kicked him in the head. Missouri welfare officials said then that they don’t think they can care for Adrian’s safety in the house, but that is a county juvenile officer suggested the family be more services, according to records. The family then moved to Kansas.

Similar records remain under seal in Kansas, where the well-being of officials have said allegations that the family were “thoroughly examined.”

Adrian’s grandmother, Judy Conway, said earlier this month that “the system has failed Adrian.”

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