Boxer Mayweather wins ‘Money Fight’ of kooivechter McGregor

Boxer Mayweather wins ‘Money Fight’ of kooivechter McGregor

Floyd Mayweather has Sunday morning the titanenduel with Conor McGregor with a technical knock-out win. The American boxer was in the tenth round is declared the winner after a series of blows in the face and on the body of the Irish kooivechter.

At the titanenduel in Las Vegas was reportedly more than $ 500 million (425 million euros) on the game. Mayweather will receive three-quarters of.

The 40-year-old Mayweather went two years ago to retire, but returned after kooivechter McGregor dared him. The American recorded the fiftieth win of his career, in which he is undefeated.

McGregor started still strong in the duel, but around the fifth of the twelve rounds took Mayweather the initiative slowly.

At the end of the ninth round went the weary McGregor almost unconscious after a few punches of Mayweather. In the tenth round made the referee put an end to the party when the tottering McGregor, one after the other blow had to endure and could no longer defend himself.

Mayweather wins titanenduel of McGregor



Ex-boxer Mike Tyson in the audience.


The Osbourne family were some of the many celebs in Las Vegas.

Conor McGregor arrives at the T-mobile Arena for the fight.

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With Mayweather and McGregor were two greats from two different sports against each other in the ring. Mayweather is arguably the best boxer ever. The man had after a glorious career all a rated power of more than a half billion dollars. He did know that Sunday, almost double.

McGregor wrote last year history by being the first in two different weight classes to become a champion in the UFC, the largest organization of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). McGregor was the best in the vedergewichten and then also in the lightweights.

The fearless and grofgebekte Irishman, who four years ago had to live on a social allowance of 200 euro, then took the initiative for a boksgevecht with Mayweather.

That McGregor is no ordinary boxer in the ring was, also noticed the referee. That had to a few times to intervene after McGregor unauthorized on the back of Mayweather beat. Also Mayweather received a reprimand when he was at the end of the fifth round of frustrated a push gave them to McGregor.

After his victory suggested Mayweather that his career now really over. “Conor is a great champion. I had no better partner could wish for my afscheidsdans.”

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