Box allows Bandé with Swiss club FC Thun’

Clubs in the Netherlands and surrounding countries, up to the 31st of January, selections will be strengthened. In this post, you can read all of the transfernieuws, confirmed the deals to the wild rumors to the contrary.

Hello, and welcome to our Transferupdates-liveblog! My name is Patrick, and Mother, and I will keep you up to date with the latest news and latest rumors in transfergebied.Transferupdates · 6 minutes agoAtlanta takes a Czyborra once and for all from the United
Lennart Czyborra join Heracles Almelo in the final for the Atalanta Bergamo. The twenty-year-old full-signed a contract until mid-2024 to number five in the Series A. United will reportedly have a little less than 4 million euros for the German, who, in the summer of 2018, in Almelo, the netherlands to play with. (Source: United)Transferupdates · 28 minutes ago,the Team is Ayoub lost to Panathinaikos
On the transfer of Yassin Ayoub of the Season to Panathinaikos, has been completed. The 25-year-old has put his signature under a contract for the next 3.5 years for the Greek club as well. Ayoub was on the Team still has a contract until mid-2022, but if press conference will depart from Rotterdam, the netherlands. (Source: Panathinaikos)Transferupdates-four hours ago, theBroadcast will be a full-time assistant to the player
Boudewijn Zenden is going to play a more prominent role in the coaching staff of PSV eindhoven. The 54-times Dutch international is a full-time assistant to interim coach Ernest Faber. The 43-year-old Send had already specialistentrainer, and a part-time assistant to the covenants of the senior team of PSV eindhoven. In his new role, he will also be in competition on the bench.Transferupdates-four hours ago, theBox shows Bandé that he was still contracted to FC Thun depart
Hassane Bandé seems to be Ajax, that he was still contracted out to FC Thun. According to VI, Ajax reached an agreement with the Swiss club to Bandé, for rent. The 21-year-old attacker moved in for the summer of 2018, from KV Mechelen to Ajax, but that was partly due to a serious injury, never appeared in the starting eleven. The Burkinees in Amsterdam, still has a contract until mid-2023. (Source: VI)Transferupdates · 3 hours ago –Ajax will rent Kühn at Bayern Munich
Remarkably, transfernieuws of the nation’s capital. Ajax allows Nicolas Kühn, for the rest of the season with Bayern Munich. The twenty-year-old striker, who is still waiting for his debut album, in the beginning, made it clear in 2018, with the transition from RB Leipzig to a Year. Kühn has played since then in 43 games for Ajax and scored five times. (Source: Ajax), Transferupdates · 4 hrs ago –Bayern-rent Odriozola (Real Madrid)
Bayern Munich takes on Álvaro Odriozola is on a rental basis from Real Madrid. The 24-year-old right back will be to the end of the season, the t-shirt and the number two of the Season’s wearing. The four-time international with Spain was played out in the first half of the season in just four matches for The “Royal”. (Source: Bayern München, germany). Transferupdates · 4 hours agoADO, with Spence sixth is to strengthen the inside
ADO Den Haag, has continued to stir in the transfer market. The failing Fc is reinforced by the transfervrije Jordan Spence. The 29-year-old Englishman had been on a training camp of ADO for Spain, where he made a great impression on him on the coach, Alan Pardew. He previously played for West Ham United, Sheffield Wednesday and MK Dons. Spence, after the Tudor Baluta, Sam Stubbs, Laurens De Bock, George Thomas, and Mick van Buren is already the sixth winter addition to the ADO. (Source: ADO Den Haag Transferupdates · 4 hours geledenDe brand new addition to manchester united, Emil Hansson, is it morning, already up in the weight room of the club.

🏋 ‘s Never a dull moment, for Emil!
😁 Good to see you again!

AvatarAuteurRKC WaalwijkMoment of plaatsen10:45 pm – January 22, 2020Transferupdates · 5 hours ago theAttacker’s Hansson will return to his side
Emil Hansson plays for the rest of the season for manchester united. The 21-year-old Swede was wearing the previous season, even though the t-shirt of the Waalwijkers, which he rented from the Club. Hansson left in the summer of Hannover 96, but it was not a permanent force at the base. of the reason that he is allowed to temporarily leave his side, telling him that the rental in person. (Source: from his side)Transferupdates · 5 hours ago itis a real oasis does not wish to leave the Club
Nicolai Jørgensen is not going to make the Team in a short period of time to leave. The 29-year-old, And has a good time in Rotterdam, the netherlands. “I’ve never been in a hurry to leave, and it still does not work,” says Jørgensen. “I just want to give people the first thing to return. I’m not going to go away as the striker’s two-year well-done, and after that, nothing much more to show. It is my honor to be following. If I ever have to leave the Club, then in through the front door.” (Source: VI)Transferupdates · 5 hours ago –FC Dordrecht shows, the Sporting-gun-for-hire, Bus to Den Bosch, to leave
FC Den Bosch is by Pedro Marques. The 21-year-old striker, who was in the first half of the season for FC Dordrecht is out for the remainder of the season thanks to Sporting CP. For Dordrecht and came to the Marques in the seventeen-to-play players six times and score a goal. His contract with Sporting runs next summer. (Source: FC Den Bosch Transferupdates · 6 hours ago,‘Chelsea wants to make the arrival of Cavani’
Edinson Cavani had this past weekend with a transferverzoek to Paris Saint-Germain, and ever since then, the 32-year-old Uruguayan has been listed for several other clubs. According to British media reports, Chelsea have the best credentials to get Cavani in to them. The attacker, who has not previously been in the Premier League and has been for about 25 million euros to go from Paris, france. A considerable amount, as his contract is about half a year and expire. (Source: The Times)Transferupdates · 7 hours ago‘Beckham is hoping Agüero welcome to Inter Miami
David Beckham will begin the upcoming season with Inter Miami as a new adventure in Major League Soccer. The club, co-founded by the English football legend, just switch on and hope some of the stars as a result. Beckham would have been to have spoken with the Manchester City attacker Sergio Agüero. The contract of the 31-year-old Spaniard is walking on a half-season wonder, and because of his son, is a resident of the United States of america, it would be Agüero, a possible move to the club, Beckham, to see it sitting there. (Source: The Sun)Transferupdates · 7 hours ago –the Lawyer is in discussion with a Lens of any transfer
Despite getting the Lens is on the radar for the Team. Coach Dick Advocaat has already the 32-year-old attacker has spoken of. “At first, he wanted to get to Liverpool to stay. He still has a contract for two more years, but I want to be, there is still no line up”, said the Lawyer. “I like to keep everything in the open, and in the end, we did it to someone else. We have a player behind Nicolai Jørgensen is required as well as an extra midfield player. Due to the departure of a number of players there are budget releases, so it is possible.” (Source: FOX Sports)Transferupdates · yesterday at 20:13, Emmen takes drop-in replacement for Slagveer
Earlier today it was announced that Luciano Slagveer is departing for FC Emmen, but the formation of the province of Drenthe has already had a sequel. Luka Adzic at the end of the season, thanks to RSC Anderlecht. The 21-year-old attacker, from Serbia, will be in the next few weeks, however, it is still not speelgerechtigd it.

🇷🇸Dobrodošli Luka!
The 21-year-old winger Luka Adžić at the end of the season, thanks to @rscanderlecht.
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AvatarAuteurFC EmmenMoment of plaatsen20:01 am – 21 January, 2020Transferupdates · yesterday at 18:02Slagveer from Emmen to Hungary
Luciano Slagveer starts at FC Emmen, the netherlands. The attacker can join the Club for the Puskas Akadémia. The 26-year-old Slagveer sign up for the summer of 2022, at the number four in Hungary. The winger has played over the past one and a half years at FC Emmen, the netherlands.

Luciano Slagveer and join the FC Emmen in the Hungarian Puskas Akademia.🇭🇺
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AvatarAuteurFC EmmenMoment of plaatsen18:00 p.m., January 21, 2020Transferupdates · yesterday at 16:46, The Young, see Hernández to the Galaxy is going to
Luuk de Jong is a contender for the spitspositie in Seville, will be lost. Javier Hernández, known as Chicharito, is leaving the Spanish club, namely, directly to the Los Angeles Galaxy. The MLS club, which is a sequel to in the house for Zlatan Ibrahimovic, to pay to the said to be the nine million euros, which is a clubrecord. The 31-year-old Mexican, who has previously played for Real Madrid and Manchester United, is looking forward to his new adventure. “I’m going to play it for the sake of a lot of Mexican and American fans. That’s the great thing about football, you will always get good opportunities.” (Source: Los Angeles Times)Transferupdates · yesterday at 16:23 andHe grappend They can Mbappé control
Jose Mourinho does not like to speculate on other players from other clubs, as the manager of Tottenham Hotspur leaves the press conference is already grappend know that Kylian Mbappé best place to go to in London can come up. “I have a very good relationship with mr. Nasser and mr. Leonardo (the president and the technical director of the PSG-ed.) and that’s what I want that way. Good relationships are based on respect, and that’s why I don’t say anything about the players of the PSG. But, my friends, if they Kylian Mbappé on a rental basis to us. I have nothing more to say to you.”Transferupdates · yesterday at 16:17 to‘Inter into conversation with a Dutchman, Chong
The club is now in discussions with the agent of the Tahith Helpful. The Dutchman has a contract until the summer, with Manchester United and the Italian club, the twenty-year-old Chong to the said end of the season press conference at the selection of add to it.

Inter are meeting again today, with Tahith Helpful agent – advanced to talk-for a contract, bid, trying to sign him as a free agent for next summer. 🔴 #MUFC #transfers #Inter #Helpful

AvatarAuteurFabrizio RomanoMoment of plaatsen16:07 am – January 21, 2020Transferupdates · yesterday at 14:25‘, Bayern Munich, and has Odriozola, almost in the
The Bayern Munich, is, according to several German media, in the short term, reinforce Álvaro Odriozola. The 24-year-old defender would be on the Real Madrid permission to talk to the ‘Rekordmeister’. Odriozola, it is in The ‘Royal’ is not a fixed value, the base, and it would be on a rental basis to go. Odriozola is still up to the summer of 2024, when the Real contract. (Source: Bild)Transferupdates · yesterday at 14:11Lennart Czyborra in Italy and his transfer to the Atlanta team. The twenty-year-old defender is under contract at United, and in Almelo, the netherlands still has a contract until mid-2021. It is not known what the amount of the transfer goes.

Lennart #Czyborra arrivato pochi are minuti fa, a-Milan, manager of the City: giornata di visite e company, sarà un nuovo giocatore dell’in this Context. Tutto su @SkySport @DiMarzio

AvatarAuteurMatteo MorettoMoment of plaatsen11:04 pm – January 21, 2020Transferupdates · yesterday at 13:47‘He is to move to The’
Victor Moses continues his professional career most likely in the Serie A. The 29-year-old Nigerian, who was in the first half of the season by Chelsea, it was leased to Fenerbahçe is, according to various media today for a medical check-up at The club. The attacker itself would have reached an agreement with Inter, have been achieved. His contract ends in the summer of 2021 is off. (Source: Sky Sports)Transferupdates · yesterday at 12:37‘Bruns can be THE change for STOKE’
Thomas Bruns, according to the fish the opportunity to get started for STOKE city. The 28-year-old midfielder, who is due to THE being hired by Sprint, comes in Zwolle, the netherlands have little to play with and would look forward to any other club. The contract, by Bruns in the Short-run to mid-2021. (Source: VI)Transferupdates · yesterday at 12:27 andFeatures opponents Getafe are strictly for Brazilian striker
Barcelona is reinforced by the Brazilian Deyverson. The 28-year-old attacker is on a rental basis from Palmeiras and wears it until the end of the season in the shirt of Barcelona. Deyverson is after the Stoke City midfielder, Oghenekaro Etebo, all the second-gun-for-hire that is located in Madrid’s highlights. Barcelona, which in the sixteenth finals of the Europa League against Ajax, supplies in addition to an option to purchase the lease for Deyverson. (Source: (Barcelona)Transferupdates · yesterday at 11:57 in theInter-hopes the arrival of Eriksen to quickly complete
The club hopes to have it within a couple of days with the arrival of Christian Eriksen to finish. Sporting director Piero Ausilio confirms that the Milanezen a bid is released, the 27-year-old Dane with a move to London. “We have to wait for an answer from the North,” said Ausilio. The deal of Eriksen runs for the summer, but for Inter, it would, nevertheless, be prepared to see more than 10 million euros, to be paid to the ex-following his departure to chelsea. (Source: Sky Sports)Transferupdates · yesterday at 10:45 amBasaçikoglu pursue a career at Trabzonspor
Bilal Basaçikoglu is pursuing his career at Trabzonspor. The former Liverpool attacker, who is at the end of the last year of his contract with Kayserispor let loose, signed a two-year contract with the current number three in the Süper Lig. (Source: Sexy)Transferupdates · yesterday at 10:25 andwe’re going to-the target Kokorin lives in Sochi
We’re going to no longer have to rely on the arrival of Alexander Kokorin. The 28-year-old striker of Zenit, who are in the last few weeks came to be linked with a move to The Cockpit and is available on PFC black sea. We’re going to this summer, a new attempt to Kokorin to play, because his contract with Zenit down. (Source: PFC black sea)Transferupdates · yesterday at 08:18Barcelona see Aubameyang substitute injured Suárez’
FC Barcelona, which is due to the long-term absence of the injured Luis Suárez, on the lookout for an extra attacker. Spanish media have reported that the Catalan club in a quest is out on Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. The contract in the case that rush hour runs about one and a half years to finish, but if Arsenal want to let it go, it remains to be seen. Olivier Giroud and Fernando Llorente would be the alternative if you are unable to Aubameyang at the Nou Camp to pick it up. (Source: El Mundo Deportivo)Transferupdates · yesterday at 08:06, aFormer Willem II striker Avdijaj to work in Scotland
Donis Avdijaj continue his career with Heart of Midlothian. The 23-year-old Kosovar, who, last season, when Willem II played, is Sexy, and signed a contract until the end of the season in the uk. (Source: Heart of Midlothian)Transferupdates · Monday, 23:01 theHungarian-adventure is calling for Slagveer
FC Emmen becomes possible to Luciano Slagveer’t have to Puskás Akadémia. President Ronald prime minister of the hillside club, confirming that the Hungarian club, located in Emmen, the netherlands has been reported. Puskás Akadémia, which began as a opleidingsclub, and is named after the Hungarian legend, Ferenc Puskás, is currently in fourth place in the Hungarian league. (Source: RTV Drenthe, the netherlands)Transferupdates · Tuesday at 22:04Samatta the first Tanzanian in the Premier League
Mbwana Samatta is the most recent addition of Aston Villa. The 27-year-old Tanzanian, is for an estimated 12 million from Racing Genk, where he won last season to an impressive 23 times and scored. He is the first player from the Tanzania Premier League can be.

🇹🇿 #KaribuSamatta! 🇹🇿
“We are delighted to confirm the signing of @Samagoal77_ on a four-and-a-half-year deal! ✍️
Breaking news brought to you by @eToro.

AvatarAuteurAston VillaMoment of plaatsen21:18 – 20 January, 2020Transferupdates · Monday at 21:53, Lyon has to Toko Ekambi substitute, Memphis.
Karl Toko Ekambi has made the medical examination for Olympique Lyon’s success to endure. The attacker is in the center of Villarreal. Lyon was the urgent need for a new striker is required after the serious injury of Memphis Depay.

Les 📸 de la visitation médicale de notre nouvelle recrue Karl Toko Ekambi. 👊🔴🔵

AvatarAuteurOlympique LyonnaisMoment of plaatsen21:15 – January 20, 2020Transferupdates · Monday at 21:14AA of Ghent, take Sven Kums (31) in the final by Anderlecht. The former midfielder of SC Herenveen was hired by the club in Brussels, belgium.


AvatarAuteurKAA GentMoment of plaatsen21:02 pm – January 20, 2020Transferupdates · Monday, 20:26 theFormer RANGE, there Pereiro shows the ultimatum of Cincinnati expired
The transfer of a RANGE there is Gastón Pereiro to the FC (Cincinnati) seem to be not to be. His agent, Paco Casal, has issued an ultimatum from the Us club at 18: 00 Dutch time. “We are now going to have other options to explore,” says the technical director, Gerard Nijkamp, of Cincinnati. PSV eindhoven want to Pereiro would like to sell it because of his contract this summer will expire, and it had been a few days, reached an agreement with the club’s coach, Ron Jans. (Source: Eindhovens Dagblad (eindhoven daily)Transferupdates · Tuesday at 20:07FC of Utrecht and PEC Zwolle to confirm the rental of the Rico Strieder. The 27-year-old German man is going over the next six months, the civil society, from Zwolle to strengthen it.

📝 Good luck with the rest of the season will be at the @PECZwolle, Rico Strieder!
Read more on the hiring of the German midfielder at the Blauwvingers 👉

AvatarAuteurFC UtrechtMoment of plaatsen20:05 am – 20 January, 2020Transferupdates · Monday, 19:55‘PEC Zwolle rent Strieder FC Utrecht
Rico Strieder goes down tonight, and the medical examination at the ACADEMY of utrecht. If any irregularities come to light, then it will be the German midfielder for the remainder of the season, thanks to FC Utrecht. Strieder has to be the first winteraanwinst of the ACADEMY, which is on the tenth place, just above the degradatiestreep state. (Source: The guardian nigeria)Transferupdates · Monday:19: 47‘Inter-boosts bid for Eriksen’
The transfersoap in the uk and Italy for several weeks, concentrating on the beginning of a new phase. The club would have bid for Christian Eriksen is increased from about 9.5 million to $ 13.5 million plus bonuses. The contract is for the Danish playmaker at White hart lane, is running this summer, so manager Jose Mourinho will need him to, or none to sell, or the old following his departure to chelsea is walking this summer, free of charge in the room. (Source: Sky Sports)Transferupdates · Monday, 17:13 byReal Madrid, explains to Brazilian top-flight talent, Reinier fixed
Real Madrid have completed the transfer of one of the hottest talents in Brazil. Rainier, which yesterday reached the age of eighteen, will be responsible for less than 6.5 years at the Spanish club. The attacking midfielder arrives for a reported 30 million euros for the Brazilian Flamengo, where he made six times and has scored in fifteen matches. (Source: Real Madrid Transferupdates · Mondays at 16:34, Willem II and is reinforced by German Saglam
This is Görkem Saglam, is the newest member of wilhelm II. The former German jeugdinternational comes from VfL Bochum (germany), and is responsible for 2.5 years, with the current number three in the Premier league. The 21-year-old midfielder came out of this season is hardly an action in Bochum (germany).

Feeling blue
Feeling 🔺▫️🔹

AvatarAuteurWillem IIMoment of plaatsen16:27 pm – 20 January, 2020Transferupdates · Monday, 15:53‘we’re going to release Ayoub press conference at Panathinaikos to go
Yassin Ayoub is on the verge of we’re going to have to exchange it for Panathinaikos. The Rotterdam-based club to let the midfielder, despite a mid-2022 current contract and press conference rooms. The 25-year-old Ayoub, this season has not been any further than three games, to score. (Source: VI)Transferupdates · Monday at 15:25RKC Man takes over the 27-year-old midfielder, Richard van der Venne directly over Go Ahead Eagles. The lefty has made this season in five matches in the Kitchen, the Champion of a Division.

🗞 𝙉𝙀𝙒𝙎 🗞
🤝 Richard van der Venne, is the newest member of the #RKC! The midfielder has come about from the Go Ahead Eagles, and signed a contract until mid-2022.
💛💙 Welcome, Richard!

AvatarAuteurRKC WaalwijkMoment of plaatsen15:10 – January 20, 2020Transferupdates · Monday at 14:34. Ajax-opponents of Getafe hit Cabrera lost
Leandro Cabrera is leaving Barcelona and will be in action against Ajax amsterdam in the Europa League. For the Quarter, a 28-year-old central defender, lives in hekkensluiter Espanyol. Cabrera was on the season with a solid strength base in Barcelona.Transferupdates · Monday at 12:58 pmKristoffer Peterson is back at FC Utrecht. The Swede stood up in between 2014 and 2017 are already under contract at the Domstedelingen and it was in that period of time in 34 official matches, in which he served four times in scoring and five assists in the tournament semifinals. In the season of 2015/2016, he was still a half a year’s rent on Roda JC. In January 2017, he left within minutes for Heracles Almelo, where he had a better side of himself showed up, and in 85 official matches 25 times and be scored. This forced the end of summer with a transfer to Swansea City, but the club is in Wales, he was more often than not, however, the selection in the first half of the season.
Transferupdates · Monday at 12:17 pm‘Czyborra on the road to the Eu’
It would seem to Heracles Almelo, a player will lose in this Context. Full-Lennart Czyborra is said to be already in talks with the Serie A club, where Hans Hateboer, Marten de Roon on piano, and ex-Heraclied Robin Gosens under the contract. “We need Lennart’s consent is given in order to come to an agreement with the club,” said technical director Tim Gilissen. The club would, therefore, in this Context, the number five of the united states. (Source: Tubantia)Transferupdates · Monday at 12:06 amUtrecht, Peterson is a temporary return
The bullet is through the church. Kristoffer Peterson will finally be back at FC Utrecht. The 25-year-old Swede is in the summer, thanks to Swansea City

❓ Guess who’s 🔙❗
Welcome back to FC Utrecht, Kristoffer Peterson!
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AvatarAuteurFC UtrechtMoment of plaatsen12:00 p.m., January 20, 2020Transferupdates·, Monday, at 11:56 am“san francisco rent within minutes from the Swansea
FC Utrecht’s turn to said still, a blow in the transfer market. The Domstedelingen were about to Kristoffer Peterson’s through the end of the season, to the hiring of a Good City. The 25-year-old Swedish attacker has played in the past for FC Utrecht, and at last came to Holland for Heracles Almelo. (Source: AD)Transferupdates · Monday, 10:35, Oman is in the Ivankovic successor to Koeman.
The national team of Oman is with a new head coach. Branko Ivankovic is the successor of Erwin Koeman, who in december was fired as a result. The 65-year-old Croat had been in the past and also active in, inter alia, Iran and Dinamo Zagreb.Transferupdates · Monday at 10:15Willem II gets Saglam, from Bochum (germany)’
William II is said to be a new player. The people of tilburg in accordance with the German Bild Görkem Saglam of VfL Bochum (germany), and the number is fourteen, of the Second Division. The transfer of the 21-year-old midfield player from Germany would be today to use. For further details on the possible transfer are yet to be announced. FC Twente would be interested in have been in Saglam.Transferupdates · Mondays at 08:38 am‘Slagveer is on the way to Hungary
There is a chance that Luciano Slagveer this winter, leaves in FC Emmen, the netherlands. The 26-year-old attacker is in the interest of the Puskás Akadémia, which has been reported by the club from the province of Drenthe. “The case is still pending,” according to the FC Emmen-president Ronald to the prime minister on the interest. Slagveer plays since the middle of 2018 for the Emmen zoo (the first year’s rental), and has an expiring contract. (Source: RTV Drenthe, the netherlands)Back to top

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