‘Bouterse wants attorney-general of Suriname to blow’

‘Bouterse wants attorney-general of Suriname to blow’

President Desi Bouterse wants the prosecutor-general (pg) of Suriname are function down. Bouterse would Roy Baidjnath Panday this request have been transferred.

Also, the Council of Ministers of this decision of Bouterse informed, reports the Surinamese news site Starnieuws.

The urgent request of Bouterse is consistent with the long-term trial about the December murders. The public prosecutor’s office demanded last month to 20 years in prison for the president, who in december 1982 contract would have given fifteen political opponents to kill.

Bouterse claimed earlier this year that the process was stopped. The attorney-general gave in the first instance hearing, but the judge decided that this could not because the matter is already so long.

Incidentally, the president may, according to the law, not the attorney-general to dismiss; this is in Suriname, a function for life. The pg is the big boss of all public prosecutors. Also responsible for the Surinamese constitution, the pg with the prosecution of political office holders, including the president.

Process slow down

The Surinamese president will do all that for many years its best to make the process to slow down or even stop. Lawyer Hugo Essed, that the survivors of the December murders, assists, sets Monday in an interview with the NIS that this new requirement of Bouterse in this trend fits in.

In the Surinamese law is correctly laid down that an attorney-general, for life is appointed to prevent the politicians influence the judicial process may exercise. There can only be interfered with as a pg itself criminal activities performed.

Disciplinary sanction

According to the NOS, the president may, also a pg compel them to act where the state of emergency in the country is declared.

Bouterse called last week also to the public prosecutor in the case, so the man who strafeis the beginning, a disciplinary sanction to impose. In this case also accuses Bouterse, the plaintiff alleges that the process has not halted when the president demanded.

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