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Feminists protest men’s rights conference

Author of ‘The War on People’ weighs in

The Battle between the Sexes seems to be raging on college campuses, with groups of men and groups of women active in the rhetorical fight.

The taxpayer-funded Colorado State University in the battle, the formation of a “feminist fight club” in an attempt to correct the behaviors that have allegedly disadvantaged women at work or in the classroom, and to promote gender equality on campus.

The group has multiple exercises to the achievement of the objectives of the abolition of the so-called patriarchy, the Washington post reported.

One exercise is called “How to Stop a Manterrupter,” where are the women told to learn how to stop a man interrupting a woman. Another exercise is called “No Ums, Likes, or ‘I feel like is Allowed – A Drinking Game”, where the participants drink every time they say “eh,” “sorry,” and so on.

The feminist fight club also made seven rules for all members, modeled after the popular novel and movie “Fight Club”.

The first rule is to speak about the group at the university. All members must also understand that the club is aimed at fighting “the patriarchy,” the Examiner reported.

“We are fighting PATRIARCHY (and all forms of sexual harassment, bullying, inequality, discrimination, -isms and -phobias), not of each other,” the third rule of the club reads.

“We are fighting PATRIARCHY (and all forms of sexual harassment, bullying, inequality, discrimination, -isms and -phobias), not of each other … The fight is not over yet, until we have reached equality for all people.”

– The Colorado State University feminist fight club

“The fight is not over until we have achieved equality for all people,” another line reads.

But at some universities in the US, the feminist struggle has led to a number of lawsuits alleging discrimination against men.

The University of Pennsylvania has been accused of unlawfully excluding men from 22 of the school’s programs, Campus Reform reported.

The National Coalition for Men, which filed a Title IX complaint against the university earlier this summer, the U.S. Department of Education Office for Civil Rights (OCR) to investigate what the school, for the exclusion of people of certain women, scholarships and programs.

Under the program’s exclusion of men, the group says, are the Penn Forum for Women Faculty, the Penn Women’s Support Group, and the Trustees Council of Penn Women.

The men of the rights of the group also say other programs such as the Women’s Studies Department, while not directly blocking men, often barriers to exclude them.

“The university of Pennsylvania Women’s Center performs discrimination against men, because the total effect is discriminatory,” the complaint states, according to the outlet. “The Center describes itself as” a perfect space for women, female-identified persons, and feminists of all generations ” — the overall effect of creating a hostile environment against men.”

It remains unclear whether OCR will proceed with the examination of the university.

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