Bosnian Serbs vote massively for holiday

Bosnian Serbs vote massively for holiday

Photo: AFP

The Serbs in the Republika Srpska, an autonomous part of Bosnia, in a referendum massively, in the opinion of the constitutional court of Bosnia-Herzegovina in addition to resigned themselves. The court declared before the national holiday on January 9 of the Republika Srpska unconstitutional.

The authorities in Banja Luka made Sunday night announced that the turnout for the referendum was unprecedented high. The inhabitants chose, with 71 percent of the votes counted, almost unanimously for a national holiday on January 9.

In 1992, it was on January 9, the autonomous republic was proclaimed. That led to bloody riots between Serbs, Croats and muslims in this part of the former Yugoslavia.

Afraid of violence

The Bosnian court had the referendum declared unconstitutional and was also categorically against the conscious date. That would be offensive to muslims and in addition, already on the calendar as orthodox christian holiday.

The United States and the EU fear that the violence by this provocative outcome re-strikes in Bosnia.

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