Border controls lead to vakantiefiles on European roads

Border controls lead to vakantiefiles on European roads

Photo: AFP

Holidaymakers who leave Saturday on different locations in Europe suffer from congestion that will be caused by tighter border controls.

According to the traffic information service (VID), between Belgium and France to the border crossings Nottingham (E17) and Hensies (E19). Dutch motorists can better choose for the border crossing of Tournai (E403), that is congestion-free.

From Switzerland to Italy is the Saturday morning more than twenty miles down the road narrows on the A2 motorway near the border. Those who come to Denmark will be at the German Flensburg (A7) surprised by almost an hour file through border controls.

In France, the hustle and bustle yet, according to the VID. There are a lot of people already Thursday evening for a long weekend left due to the national holiday July 14. The busiest weekends with the infamous Black Saturday to follow at the end of July and beginning of August.


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