Booker reaches fundraising goal, said: “I’ll stay in the race’

in the vicinityVideoCory Booker sends memo to employees to say, his presidential campaign may be ending soon

Sen. Cory Booker’s staff, it was noted that he to raise until the end of September 2019 and $2 million, or he will fall out of the race, the former DNC chair Donna Brazile responded.

Democratic presidential candidate sen. Cory Booker says he has reached his self-imposed fundraising goal to continue his White house bid.

“I have some incredible news for you, friend. Last night around 8:16 p.m., we reached our goal of $1.7 million — a full day before the deadline, we ask ourselves,” the Democrat from New Jersey, the Mail wrote in an E-to supporters on Monday morning.

“Thanks to this wave of support, we see a viable way in the future to continue to grow a winning campaign. I’m a guest in this race and I win in them,” Booker said.

Nine days ago, the senator from New Jersey announced that if he is not 1.7 million by the end of the month, pulling in $ – this marks the end of the July-September the third quarter of fundraising – would probably at the end of his campaign for the presidential candidacy.


Booker, who declared his candidacy for the White house in early February, quickly built a formidable operation in the early voting primary and caucus States. To maintain the large staff on the ground in Iowa, New Hampshire and other early voting States tax. Top Booker advisers have warned that while the campaign can continue in the current size and strength, it needs more resources if it wants to expand and compete with the top-tier democratic nomination rivals.

Booker raised $4.5 million in the April-June second quarter of fundraising, is far behind the former Vice-President, Joe Biden, Sens. Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts and South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

“We came to a point where we saw the candidates raised a multiple of what we raise,” Booker told reporters on Thursday during a campaign stop in New Hampshire. “We were not able to remain competitive with them, unless we raise significant money, so I told the truth.”

With that in mind, Booker told his followers on Monday that “this is not the last mountain we have to climb, on our way to the nomination-we have to raise a lot more money to continue in the competition with the better-funded campaigns in this race. I’m going to ask more of my Fans as we move together in this campaign.”

And he has no time to lose, setting a further goal of raising an additional $217,000 by the end of Monday to put him over the $2 million mark since the announcement of his original pitch nine days ago.

The Booker campaign has pushed back against descriptions of the funding goal as a kind of gimmick. But the candidate himself acknowledged one of his intentions was to pump fundraising.

Asked last week by a reporter from New Hampshire Public Radio, ” if this is just a move to raise money, or they really are on the threshold of not having enough money,” Booker replied: “both.”

While Booker qualified for the third and fourth round of Democratic presidential primary debates, he has struggled in polling, on average, in the low to mid single digits, far behind the top-tier contenders.

The Booker campaign highlighted that on Sunday that they have reached, the higher the donor threshold for qualifying for the November the fifth round of the debate. On the stage, candidates for posts of at least approximately 165,000 individual donors, including a minimum of 600 donors, each in at least 20 States or territories.

But Booker remains short of reaching the polling criteria.

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