Booker, in a thinly veiled Warren ditch, it advertises “no major policy wonk nerd in this race, as I’

in the vicinityVideoCory Booker to the defense of Joe Biden on the democratic debate stage

Democratic presidential candidate Cory Booker joins Peter Doocy in the post-debate spin room.

PETERBOROUGH, N. H. – Sen. Elizabeth Warren is known as the candidate with the plans, but the Senate colleagues and presidential nomination rival Sen. Cory Booker asks.

“There is no greater political wonk nerd in this race than I have. Anyone who knows me, the Senate, and this is my strength,” Booker, D-N. J., highlighted Monday in an interview with Fox News, and

Booker, who was interviewed aboard his campaign in New Hampshire RV, stressed that “it is 170-180 plans are set by each candidate. We are all putting-out-plans. I love my. I think, in so many cases, my plans are better. What the heck, we are the only people who have a plan for child poverty. How can that be?”


And he took indirect aim Warren, D-Mass., who rose in the last few months, to a Band with the former Vice-President Joe Biden for the top spot in the 2020 primary race.

“I stand with Elizabeth Warren. I think “Medicare for all” is the best way to do it. But I also really believe that it is important to have a process to get there,” Booker. “We can’t be in a situation where we just talk away insurance from people.”

Warren has introduced a major supporter of the “Medicare for all” plan in the Senate until 2020 rivals sen Bernie Sanders. The state’s plan, if enacted, would eliminate the private health insurance.

Booker, spotlighting his pragmatism, added, “I’m not going to. one of the people on the stage, which is so rigid, not to say, ‘It’s my way or the highway, and I’m going to sacrifice progress for purity I’m going to let the perfect the enemy of the good, ” if every American needs to be more good.”

Asked whether some of his nomination rivals, were too rigid, Booker replied, “that is, to decide what the voters.”


Warren came under repeated attack in the last week in the fourth round, the primary debate about her refusal to discuss whether or not taxes would implement to go up for middle-class Americans, their proposal for a government-run “Medicare-for-all” plan. She explained on Sunday, you would soon see how the country pay for it, if you were President.

Booker has a great team in New Hampshire and Iowa, the first two States to vote in the group, and the primary calendar Analysts have called him an experienced retail fighter and probably one of the best speakers in the record field of presidential contenders. But, he is yet to pop in the polls or have a lot of viral moments.

Democratic presidential candidate sen. Cory Booker from New Jersey in an interview with Fox News, and aboard his campaign RV to travel from Peterborough to Keene, N. H., on Monday.
(Fox News)

However, with three and a half months to go until the voting begins, that’s fine with Booker.


“The people who usually win are the people summit in January, February, not that people win in the summer or to win in the fall. We simply have to continue doing the work,” he said.

And, note the one-time longshots at the end of the nomination and eventually the White house, he said to win, “the more people that hear my message, the more [success], and dynamics, we get and I hope that you will continue to rise. And by the time we are in the next year, I hope we will do what Bill Clinton, the comeback kid, or Jimmy Carter – who of New Hampshire won – I’m going to follow in her footsteps.”

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