Bonnie St. Claire refutes reports about drunk action

Bonnie St. Claire refutes reports about drunk action

Bonnie St. Claire denies that she past weekend during Pink Saturday under the influence of alcohol occurred in Nuenen.

“The story, originating from a individual from the audience, seemingly for truth, accepted, and good affection,” writes the singer on Facebook.

The singer responds to an article in The Telegraph, stating that they are from the stage with a glass of rosé proostte on life. The newspaper placed also a picture of the singer, in which she’s a glass of wine holding.

It is not clear whether the photo during the performance is made. St. Claire denies the coverage in each case.

“I have a great gig done on the Pink Saturday, a public is something I would always have a warm heart toedraag and they me also. I was not drunk and did not with a glass of rosé, the stage offered”, responding Bonnie ‘with great astonishment’.


According To St. Claire have some media, their arrows aimed at her.

“I have a half hour, sang for a very enthusiastic audience, and even together with my dear friend and colleague Anita Heilker an encore done…we’ve put together my hit Waikiki Man has sung. (…) Apparently I will be my life-long the targets stay out of this kind of stuff and I need me but accept that.”

“Yes, I drink the occasional glass of rosé, like anyone ever does. Just for me is everything under a magnifying glass was put in and I certainly am done with it now. I want to enjoy life. I am 67 years old and have respect for everyone and let everyone in his or her value.”

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