Bombing Yemen is claiming 140 lives

Bombing Yemen is claiming 140 lives

Photo: AFP

In a raid on Houthi rebels to a memorial service held in the Yemeni capital Yemen Saturday for sure 140 people to the life to come.

Another 525 people were, according to the United Nations were injured.

By fighter jets fired missiles struck a hall where a vigil was held for sheikh Ali al-Roweishan, whose son Galal minister of Internal Affairs in the government of the rebels.

Eyewitnesses said that ambulances and to reason. A rescuer said that there was a lot of mangled and charred bodies were, but did not have the exact numbers.

Shiite Houthi rebels and supporters of former president Ali Abdullah Saleh have Sanaa and large parts of the north of Yemen in the hands. The aircraft that the attack was conducted, belonged to a Saudi Arabia relied on a coalition that is fighting on the side of the new president Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi.

Video: at least 140 dead in Yemen


Sources within the international coalition denied that opposite news channel Al Arabiya in all keys in all to be responsible for the attack. “Such an operation has absolutely not taken place at that target”, she said.

The coalition could until now count on the support of the United States. The U.s. National Security council, left after the attack in Sanaa, however, know that the collaboration once again is held to the light.


“The U.s. cooperation with Saudi Arabia in the field of security is not a blank cheque”, said a spokesman of the council. “Because of this incident and other recent incidents, we have begun an evaluation of our, all significantly returned, support to the coalition.”

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