Bolton slams ‘corrupt’ National Security Council review process in accordance with the excerpt from the book leaks

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President Trump said at a press conference in Davos, Switzerland that he would support, the former National security adviser John Bolton and current members of the Cabinet of Ministers testimony in the Senate impeachment trial, but the threat to national security.

A top aide to former national security adviser John Bolton, the contentious part of the Sunday report in The New York Times, which had divided claimed Bolton, a manuscript of his forthcoming book “close associates” and the Bolton’s lawyer says the National security Council in the review process of the outstanding manuscripts is damaged””.

The Times reported that the manuscript contained a claim of a bomb that Trump Biden explicitly linked to an influence on the Ukraine-aid on an investigation of Joe and Hunter.

Trump said Bolton, in August, according to a transcript of Bolton’s forthcoming book, repeated by the times,” he wanted to continue to freeze $391 million in security assistance to Ukraine, to the officials it helped investigations against Democrats, including the three-piece.”

The Times reported that Bolton had “drafts of a manuscript, which he has, were in use in the last few weeks to close associates”, and also “sent a draft of the White house, which for a standard review process for some current and former government officials who write the books.”

Sarah Tinsley, senior adviser to Bolton, told Fox News that he had submitted a hard copy draft of his manuscript for the NSC [National Security Council] a few weeks ago for a “pre-publication review,” but had not shared it with anyone else.

A “pre-publication review” is standard for all the former government officials, the gifts instead of safety freely and publicly write on their official work. The assessment would focus on tracking you, all secret or sensitive material in advance of publication, and can range from days to months.

Impeachment impasse continues in Washington, as Bolton says, that he would testify if subpoenaed

In a statement obtained by Fox News, Bolton attorney Charles Cooper lamened that the review of damage process.

“On December 30, 2019, I put in the name of Ambassador Bolton, a book manuscript to the National security Council, the Records Management division for standard prepublication security review for classified information. As mentioned in my cover letter to Ellen J. Knight, Senior Director of the Records Management division submitted the manuscript, despite our firm conviction that the manuscript did not contain any information classified reasonably be regarded, and on the certainty that the ‘process for the review of the submitted materials is limited to those career government officials and employees on a regular basis, entrusted with the responsibility for such reviews’ and that the ‘content of Ambassador Bolton manuscript will not be reviewed or otherwise, as to all persons, the are not regularly involved in this process.'”

Cooper continues: “A copy of my 30. December letter is attached. It is clear, regrettably, of The New York Times article published today that the prepublication review process has been corrupted and that information was communicated by persons other than those properly engaged in the review of the manuscript.”


Bolton resigned last September. His team went to “speculate” on Fox News as a description of his manuscript leaked to, the time could have.

In addition, Bolton, the representatives made it clear, he was not to deny the times’ claim with regard to the Ukraine aid holdup, and the possible investigation of the three-piece.

In the case of a Fox News town hall with Chris Wallace on Sunday in the city of Des Moines, Iowa, Pete Buttigieg, a chrous of Democrats joined the call for Bolton to report, to testify in the Wake of the times”.


“Right now, we get more information about John Bolton, and what he knew, which is all the more reason why, if this said a serious test, we are going to have the witnesses and evidence,” Buttigieg.

Trump’s lawyers this week are presenting their defence in the Senate, which will decide whether to hear additional witnesses, by a simple majority. At the town hall, Buttigieg stressed that Trump should be given to removed from office — a highly unlikely event, that a two-thirds majority of the GOP would have controlled the Senate is necessary.

This is a developing story. Check back soon for updates.

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