Boksbond ask the British federation for world title back to the Fountain

The Dutch boksbond the British federation of GB Boxing is asked to be the best in its class of up to 75 kilograms, and return it to Nouchka Fontijn. She had to take the gold Sunday at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Russia, in a bizarre way, with Lauren Price of Wales, and let them be.

Fountain has won on points (3-2) and was ready to give up her gold medal, but the opponent up to the last moment as a protest, and I ended up hearing from the panel of judges.

The 31-year-old Fountain was this, for the third time in her career, have to settle for world CHAMPIONSHIP silver, but the Dutch boksbond to do everything possible to get his title back, and has been asked for, or Price of her title, would like to donate them.

“Her Price would be in the whole of the sports world, respect is given, when the international boksbond AIBA to let you know that they are the original results of the final acceptance, of her world title back and be content with the silver medal. It would be a very positive situation for the warriors, in general, be mean. Please remember about this,” said a message on the boksbond at the GB Boxing.

President Boris van der Vorst is a Dutch boksbond you have nothing to lose with the Uk federation. “It may sound naive, but at least we have our moral apple is done”, he says

A huge disappointment to Nouchka Fontijn and Boksteam GB Price after the protest, in defiance of world champion shall be. Nouchka refuses to use a silver paste, and was not present at the medal ceremony.

AvatarAuteurBorisvdVorstMoment of plaatsen12:06 – 13th of October 2019

Boksbond to start the legal proceedings

Furthermore, the Dutch boksbond, such as well-known as well as the possibilities to investigate to take legal action. In addition, the AIBA asked in order to an important aspect of the new rule.

The new rule, which started in september is true, that means that a fighter with a goal to protest against the outcome of a hand. It has led to hide in several places, so until its defeat by Price.

“At the request of the AIBA’s what we’re all about that if you’re a winner, no need to defend yourself against an adopted protests. We see it as a form of identity theft,” says Van der Vorst.

Out of anger, and a lack of understanding about the final decision, continued to hide in several places in the final medailleceremonie. The Dutch boksbond should have to explain themselves to the AIBA, but it relies on the notion of a global federation.

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