Boekentips: ‘the New book by Sergio Herman, is incredibly beautiful

In order that readers can get an idea of what’s out there in the next month, all of them will appear in the boekenland, ask a number of experts, which we can’t afford to miss. So, tell the Best of Freud with the new cookbook from michelin-star chef Sergio Herman.

Book: Sobremesa: Recipes and stories from Sergio’s Restaurants, Sergio Herman

It Is recently published

The best of Freud on The Kookboekhandel in the city: “Sergio is a big fan of Restaurants, he’s been more than two years of age. I think he’s an incredible book about the cuisine of the island, with a twist of himself in it. Of course, he’s also one of the largest, if not the greatest conductor of the Netherlands. You can find the recipe in Spanish-oriented, but there are also a number of specific, Looking for recipes, such as the fideuá, a sort of paella but with pasta instead of rice. Most of the dishes are quite easy to prepare, and this book is the summer for a while, in your head, that’s fine.”

Fiction: the Black barn, it’s for the Young

Last week it appeared

Destiny Douze from the Bookstore the water in the city: “This is the Young, has been writing a long time, but not a whole lot. Accordingly, it is eagerly looking forward to new work from his hand. His previous novel, ‘ Pier and Ocean, it was an experience, and the book of the year for a lot of readers. Now, there is a Black area. A gifted artist, is on the verge of a major exhibition. The congratulations poured in, a poster to hang in the city, but in the evening it won’t be as long as he expected. An event from his childhood, brought him in.”

A history of The kolonieman, sharing th u el s Article

To appear on the 24th of september

Daphne, on the Balls of the Bookshop, he writes, in The Hague: “This is a biography of the nineteenth-century director: Johannes van den Bosch. In the beginning of the nineteenth century, Napoleon was defeated and it had to be the very Kingdom of the Netherlands to re-invent it. Van den Bosch has played in this an important role. In 1818 he founded the Society of Charity, and he contributed to the abolition of slavery, and brought to the Kultuurstelsel in Indonesia. The common thread in his thought and action was provided by the economic and social upliftment of both the paupers in the Dutch cities, and the peasants, the Javanese temple of the slaves on the Surinam plantations. Considered by some to be utopian, a socialist and a pioneer of the modern welfare state, by others as a purely pragmatic macher, or even a villain. In this fascinating biography, outlines for sharing th u el s Article is a wonderful picture of an era and a turning point for the modern world.”

Ricky: Nachtschaduw, Wendy Walker

Coming soon

Lisan Hoogendonk of the Bookstore Picker in Sway: “there Will be a Nachtschaduw of The Walker and, finally, a genuine successor to the appearance of The girl on the train? We are two sisters who, in their childhood, a traumatic experience to have gone through that, each and every one of them in its own way, has signed up to. Rosie has the perfect family and the perfect picture for himself, while Laura is still struggling with the demons of her past. Laura goes on a blind date, but then you are not at home. While Rosie is looking for her sister, and confronts them on the mysteries of Laura ” s past and its the worst thing to do right. Meanwhile, noted by Laura that the man with whom she is in secret and may not be who they say they are. While they are becoming more and more of his story in doubt, you may also have to doubt themselves.”

Children’s book: Someone special: Stories of remarkable women, Arend van Dam (the illustrations by Marijke Klompmaker)

Appears to be on the 23rd of september

Jessica Jongkind of Kinderboekwinkel Kiekeboek in Haarlem, the netherlands: “These are the stories of the different women who are each in their own way, play an important role in the history of the Netherlands have turned from the Lady of Simpelveld, in the year 0, to Harry Farmer, who, in the twentieth century, the queen, on the tv. All stories pass through review: of scientists, politicians, artists, actresses, authors, artists, explorers, and heroes of the sport, but it is also about the wicked witch of Good Economy and the first woman to be plantagehouder Elizabeth Samson. It’s been exciting, and cool historical anecdotes about women in the history of Dutch to read out loud to the girls and boys from age seven years, or to be read from a nine year old.”

Non-fiction: It’s a war, but no one will see it, Huib Modderkolk

Last week it appeared

At the Village of the Bookshop Scheltema in Amsterdam: “This is an exciting and thriller-like book, intelligence and security services who engage in digital espionage, sabotage, tampering, hacking, disruptive, and destructive viruses such as Stuxnet. Huib Modderkolk wrote about it in a number of hotly contested and extremely exciting to infiltration by the AIVD within the Iranian nuclear complex. In a very high state, which causes us to realize that in the arms race now, with digital weapons and fought it. Ports, harbours, power plants, infrastructure, anything can be a ” lamb to be put in. And not only that, also the human error and careless when dealing with safety instructions, takes, sometimes with disastrous results from. This book is reminiscent of George Luyendijks, This may not be true, about the failed oversight in the banking system. In both cases, the control is lost. This book is a must-have for people who are digitising is critical to follow.”

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