Boekentips: ‘the Dragons are not for sale, is a great children’s book’

In order that readers can have an idea as to what is going on next month and all of them will appear in the boekenland, ask a number of experts, which we can’t afford to miss. Says Jessica, Jongkind, on the new children’s book Dragons are not for sale.

Cookbook: Bouillon, Jean Beddington

It Is recently published

The best of Freud on The Kookboekhandel in the city: “the Broth is the foundation of every commercial kitchen, which will always be a pot on the stove. This book starts off with an interview with me about the value of a good stock. A lot of work, and it takes a lot of time in the heat. In the book, the first recipes for the different stocks, such as kalfsbouillon, vegetable broth, and kreeftenbouillon. Then there is the food which you are used to, such as pasta and risotto, or risotto. Use your own broth and everything will be better. The recipes in this book are typical of Him. She is classically trained, and uses a lot of Asian influences, as they are in Japan, living here.”

Children’s book: the Dragons are not for sale – Tjibbe Veldkamp, illustrated by Alice Hoogstadt

It Is recently published

Jessica Jongkind of Kinderboekwinkel Kiekeboek in Haarlem, the netherlands: “of What use is Demanding in itself? What’s he going to do? Tjibbe Veldkamp tells the humorous story of a Demanding and discerning neighbors youngest son, Hubert-Jan. Thanks-we have a wide range of animals, but if you do not have to. Eis is very fond of animals, but it may be that of Hubert-Jan is not in the downtown area. But the Eis has to have a plan. The last children’s book by Tjibbe Veldkamp, Alice Hoogstadt, get out of that faucet, it is already a classic. This book has the same humour and wonderful drawings, but let’s talk about the animals. That is a lovely picture book.”

Non-fiction: Never be alone – Rob Dunn

Will appear on August 20

At the Village of the Bookshop Scheltema in Amsterdam: “In nature, you do not have, the American, biologist Rob Dunn. In life the more variety the household than one might think. Our best schoonmaakpogingen put it up against the twenty thousand species of animals with which we coexist. Moths in the cupboard, the bacteria in the kitchen sink, and it is not to be missed is the lush biodiversity of our navels. Read it and shiver, but awareness that most of the animals are good for us after all.”

Fiction: the killer, The lawyer, and the author – Adam N. Cap

It Is recently published

From the Village of: “Harper Lee has, in the fifty years she still had left after her successful novel, To Kill A Mockingbird, nothing more was published. However, she was following in the footsteps of her friend, Truman Capote, intrigued by truecrimeverhaal which is also located in the rural areas of the Americas took place. Meantime, Cap picks up the threads As Read the idea. In this intriguing and beautiful story that is a biography of Harper Lee, is packaged, and also the curious story of a serial killer, reverend Maxwell, which, in addition to sermons, especially the sense of life, which he has purchased on the lives of its many victims.”

History: The Peoples Of Europe. The creation of a common european culture – Orlando Figes

Released at the end of August

Daphne, on the Balls of the Bookshop, he writes, in The Hague: “The summer is a quiet time, there do not appear in the book. But at the end of August, start of the new season to get going. It appears also in the book are european. The emergence of a common culture, by Orlando Figes. Around 1900, in Europe, many of the same books are read in the same operas performed on the same pieces of music will be played. For the life of the great novelist Ivan Turgenev, the famous singer Pauline Viardot, with whom Turgenev, an intimate relationship with him, and that this original approach was a husband, Louis Viardot, a well established art critic, will illustrate this. They met up with almost everyone else in Europe at that time, culturally speaking, was more important. The description of the cosmopolitan life to the general narrative of the emergence of a European culture. From the author of, among others, Natasha’s dance and the Whisperers.”

Thriller: The man from St. In St. Petersburg, Ken Follet

Published on 15 August

Lisan Hoogendijk from the Bookstore Picker in Doncaster: Ken Follet has always been a personal favorite of mine in the us, in the store, and even though this is an official re-release, we are not so happy with it. Follet, we know of no other facts, the history, and fiction together to combine, and in this book, is that reflected in a book that you’re thinking, ” this may be true, may be. It takes place at the beginning of the twenty-first century. We follow Felix, a hit man from California. Petersburg to London to come to a murder, to take that course of history will change that. He is an engineer with an arsenal of weapons at his disposal, but will have to compete with the English police, a brilliant the Lord, and none other than a young Winston Churchill. But when Felix’s former lover, against, happily married and with a child, sometimes it can be. One of Follets ‘ strongest points is its characters sympathetic to the plight of. In this case, the result is that more and more sympathy for the perceived bad guy than the good guys, and that’s what makes this book, in addition to the above-mentioned points, it is a very nice book to dive into.”

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