Boekentips: ‘Expectations are high for new thriller Echo’

To readers to give an idea of what the upcoming month are all displayed in boekenland, ask a number of connoisseurs what books we should not miss. Says Lisan Hoogendonk about Echo, the new book by Thomas Olde Heuvelt.

Thriller: Echo, Thomas Olde Heuvelt

Appears on may 17,

Hoogendonk, Boekhandel Plukker in Schagen: “We have a time to wait, but our own Stephen King finally comes out with a new book! Hex is, until the day of today one of the ‘nastiest’ books that I’ve read, so my expectations are high for Echo. The book is about obsession and the indestructible force of nature, and takes place in the Swiss Alps. Mountaineer Nick and his climbing partner Augustin are attracted by the mysterious Maudit, a remote mountain in the Swiss Alps. There is virtually nothing known about this mountain, he seems correct on the maps and on the mountain itself is unusually quiet. When the men of the valley to enter, to feel a sense that they are not alone. Later, Augustin death and awaken Nick from a coma, horribly mutilated and with his face bandaged. While there is a difficult rehabilitation awaits him, and realizes Nick is not only their misfortune haunts him, but also that something has awakened some in the mountains should have remained.”

Children’s book: The tree with the ear, Annet Schaap

Appears on 7 may

Jessica Jongkind of Kinderboekwinkel Kiekeboek in Haarlem: “After the overwhelming success of Light, we are very curious about the second book of Annet Schaap. It is about a little boy who can’t wait to after school to tell what special day he has discovered. But his parents are at work, and to him, everyone is too busy to get to the boy to listen. Even the birds, insects and dogs in the park have no time for him. Tell them about the supreme tree of the park. Because what people don’t know, but all animals, however, is that in the trunk of the tree, a ear. An ear that really listens. The illustrations this time are by Philip Hopman.”

Fiction: Memories of the future, Siri Hustvedt

Has recently appeared

Fate Douze of Bookstore over the Water in Amsterdam: “Siri Hustvedt is an author who is always on the edge of the radar, it seems. Her husband is much better known, is the great American author Paul Auster. Younger writers of today’s women lives, get immediately a lot more attention. But the work of Hustvedt’s always interesting. It is multi-layered, energetic, and deep thought. Hustvedt writes ideeënromans, but with real people in it, complex characters. Now her latest novel, translated: Memories of the future. This looks an older writer back on her younger self, just arrived in the city of her ambition: New York.”

History: Gemmeker. The Commandant of Camp Westerbork, Ad van Liempt

Published on may 2,

Daphne in the Bals of Bookstore Douwes in The Hague: “In the run-up to the may 4 and 5, there is also in the bookstore, a lot of attention for the Second world War. Last week, Gemmeker. The Commandant of Camp Westerbork, written by Ad van Liempt, a co-founder of the television show Other Times, and author of a large number of books published. Albert Gemmeker, was responsible for the deportation of more than eighty thousand jews from Westerbork to the death camps. Usually gave, he personally, ‘with a hint with the hand’, the vertreksein for the trains. After the war, he received ten years. Because of good behavior, he was after six years of freedom again. In 1951 he was back in his hometown of Düsseldorf. For Gemmeker did Van Liempt years of research. He read all of the, often secret files in Dutch and German archives and spoke with many stakeholders in the Netherlands and Germany – even with two still living daughters of Gemmeker. The result is a devastating biography of a wily writing desk murderer, a story of cynicism and abuse of power, on the other hand the unfathomable tragedy of Gemmekers victims. Gemmeker is a book that you won’t let go.”

Cookbook: We love vegetables, Janneke Vreugdenhil

Published on 3 may

Jonah Freud of The Kookboekhandel in Amsterdam: “Anyone who has a little bit of eating involved, Janneke. She writes recipes for the NRC. The fun of Joanna, I find that they never hesitate is to ask for things. If they don’t know something, she asks around, while many people in the culinary world, as if they know everything. For this book she has more nice introductory stories created at all of the recipes. Thus, there is a ‘cowboymaaltje’, in which she imagines that cowboys on the prairie in the morning, some of their coffee to mix with the vegetarian chili that will make them the night before have eaten. We love vegetables is a great variety, vegetarian book for daily use. You can find recipes like mac and cheese with cauliflower and a pizza with bloemkoolbodem, where Joanna is a detailed describes how to make. This book is very well done.”

Non-fiction: Mama’s last embrace – about emotions in animals and what they tell us about ourselves, Frans de Waal

Appears on 20 may

Fien van Village of Bookshop Scheltema in Amsterdam “After his successful book about intelligence in animals point the famous primatologist Frans de Waal is now on the emotional side of animal and human behaviour. People do not have a single body that animals do not have, so why would we as any emotions? This book gives lots of examples and the language is clear. In Mom’s last hug going more about Mama, a dying chimpanzee, who will say goodbye to Jan van Hooff. Van Hooff is a biologist and former director of Burgers’ Zoo.”

Grief-stricken Chimpanzees say goodbye Mama (59)

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