Boeing next of kin air disasters 737 MAX will have to compensate

Aircraft manufacturer Boeing will go to the families of the 346 victims of the two fatal accidents with the 737 MAX aircraft, each 144.500 us $ 131.506 euros) in damages to pay for. The accident occurred in Indonesia (in 2018), and Ethiopia (from 2019 onwards).

Boeing has a fund been set up for the victims must be going to pay for it. By direct to the copyright holders claim, and the period of time up to 1 december this year. The affected families are spread out across 35 countries around the world.

Boeing’s managing director, Dennis Muilenburg testified, once again, sincere condolences to the next of kin. Several rechtskantoren, have, on behalf of the relatives for almost one hundred lawsuits filed against the company.

As of march, all the 737 MAX aircraft on the ground. Ever since the accident trying to the Boeing it’s software problem, and that this incident has caused, and to solve the problem.

Unclear as to when the 737 MAX can fly

In the American aviation authority the FAA has on Monday to let you know that there is no time frame to the end of the Boeing 737 MAX is on a lift. Boeing said that the aircraft is in the fall back in place.

Countries must be in accordance with the FAA for each person to decide if the plane is allowed to fly.

“Our number one priority is safety and we do not have a schedule for when the work is finished. Each government will take the decision and when the device is in operation can be made on the basis of in-depth veiligheidschecks”, says the FAA.

Boeing has said himself on Monday that the 737 MAX aircraft, in a number of countries, including the United States, and in the autumn the weather can be used, but do not have the exact date.

A customer from suing Boeing in

The Russian vliegtuigleasebedrijf Internet was back in August, the Boeing accuses for the 737 MAX. Internet ordered more than one model of aircraft, for the air disasters.

Boeing would deliberately hold back information-and why would Internet be a down-payment of 35 million dollars back, with interest. Also requires Internet-75 million euros for loss of profit, and that Boeing has a fine to pay.


Thus, the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft to be able to crash


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