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After successful weight loss procedures, body contouring is definitely turning out to be among the most sought after aesthetic skin procedures within the US. Based on the latest data from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, American citizens have undergone nearly twice the number of lipoplasty procedures (which includes minimally invasive laser liposuction) and virtually 4 times as many tummy tucks now as compared to a decade ago.

Let us suppose that one has effectively dieted and shed 10, 20, 30 pounds or perhaps more. Due to a regular exercise routine, one has strengthened as well as nicely toned their muscles too. However, despite all that really hard work and even after accomplishing their goal of attaining a more streamlined, healthier body, one finds themselves unable to get rid of unwanted bulges which no amount of diet regimes or even working out will get rid of.

On the other hand, one might have shed a substantial amount of weight approximately, 100 pounds or more as a result of bariatric (gastric bypass) surgery or even dieting. However, the skin that was once stretched over the larger size of one’s body now loosely and unattractively hangs over the new, reduced size of the body.

Either way, an individual has not acquired the post diet plan contours that he or she had expected, particularly if one really wants to wear sleeveless dresses or even a pair of snug fitting jeans. Each time considerable amounts of re-contouring is required to get done, for instance, following the immense weight reduction required right after bariatric surgery or tummy tucks, buttock lifts as well as various other surgical procedures are also normally required.

However, if one has successfully achieved their goal weight, but a few final pockets of undesirable body fat about the abdominal area, buttocks, upper thighs, neck as well as the upper arms are yet to be gotten rid of, numerous minimally invasive or even non-invasive laser as well as other types of procedures will be able to aid in providing an individual with a tighter as well as a more balanced body shape. Some of the technology utilized in these types of procedures comprises of ultrasound (Liposonix), radiofrequency (Accent XL and Thermage) as well as a blend of radiofrequency and also laser therapy (Vela Shape).

Due to the increasing popularity of these types of procedures, their technology is perpetually being updated as well as enhanced. In the event that one has successfully completed their diet and is keen on further enhancing their new and improved upon body, one must speak with a physician who is well-versed as far as body contouring treatments go.

Abdominal Etching: In the event that one already possesses good abdominal muscles, but they are really self-conscious about their excessive body fat along with skin, in that case that particular area of the body should be sculpted to help enhance one’s concealed six-pack abdominal muscles.

Body Fat Transfers: To avail of a proper biocompatible as well as non-allergenic cosmetic procedure, body fat transfers prove to be a natural method to touch up and even round out the edges of very small, disproportionate body features.

Body Implants: The body implant treatment is a tried and tested procedure for corrective plastic surgery. These days, only a limited number of plastic surgeons seem to be performing this particular procedure. This procedure is known to enhance the muscular appearance as well as rectify certain imbalanced regions of the body.

Thermage: Thermage can be described as a non-invasive procedure which utilizes radiofrequency waves in order to lift and even tighten the skin in a number of areas on the body, such as the stomach or abdomen, arms and legs, buttocks as well as the face.

Body Lift: Tightening up post considerable weight reduction immediately after bariatric surgery (for instance, Lap Band surgery) or perhaps dealing with the common results of the aging process or even having children, a body lift (belt lipectomy or simply lower body lift) is one of the most ideal ways to help contour the abdominal area, thighs as well as buttocks.

Bicep along with Tricep Implants: Bicep as well as tricep implants are capable of doing what arm exercises are not able to. Bicep and even tricep implants will be able to add muscular definition along with increasing the mass on your upper arms.

Bra-line Back Lift: The most effective way to get rid of sagging skin triggered by the aging process, exposure to the sun or even immense weight loss which occurs as a result of undergoing bariatric surgery is the new bra-line back lift procedure, a procedure that gets rid of unattractive back fat rolls whilst concealing the scar beneath the bra-line.

Cellulite: Cellulite can come about as a result of hormonal changes, causing physiological changes to the subcutaneous fat layer. Doing away with cellulite has proved to be quite challenging, with former treatments concentrating on surface remedies. Patients dealing with cellulite vary in weight.

Buttock Implants: Influenced by celebrities who have voluptuous behinds, a lot of women are choosing to go for buttock implants to enhance their derrieres. Buttock implants will also aid in reversing the outcome of the aging process in your rear.

Calf Implants: Numerous men as well as women tend to be self-conscious in regards to the size and also the shape of their calves. Generally, men might look for more muscularly defined calves, whilst on the other hand women frequently would like their calves as well as thighs to appear a lot more symmetrical. In either case, calf implants can certainly help.

Zeltiq Cool Sculpting: Zeltiq cool sculpting minimizes localized unwanted fat deposits within the abdominal area, back as well as torso by simply chilling them to temperatures a little above freezing point. This particular non-invasive procedure does not require any needles, anesthesia or even down time.

Labiaplasty: Cosmetic plastic surgery connected with the labia majora as well as labia minora, also referred to as labiaplasty, can provide physical and even psychological advantages for women. This extremely specialized cosmetic plastic surgery needs considerable experience as well as expertise. Few qualified surgeons deal with this particular procedure as an art. These surgeons make use of sophisticated techniques in order to produce customized outcomes for each and every individual.

Panniculectomy: Panniculectomy can be defines as a procedure that removes unnecessary skin as well as fat that is present within the abdominal region and usually goes below the belly button and even extends all around to the back. This particular surgery is normally performed after a weight loss surgery, for instance gastric bypass. Gastric bypass will not tighten muscle, as in the case of abdominoplasty, but could be performed soon after abdominoplasty.

Zerona: Zerona can be described as a new, non-invasive body contouring treatment method. This treatment method makes use of a low-level laser in order to dissolve fat, which in turn is subsequently passed out from the body. This procedure aids an individual in losing inches without having to undergo surgery or even experience pain or down time. These are some of the key points of interest when it comes to this particular procedure.

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