Bobbi Eden had a first date with a guy in sauna

Bobbi Eden had her first date with her husband Mark Laurenz, with whom she now has eight years, is married, in the sauna. “I wanted him to be me as myself saw, without make-up and frilly.”

The two met on the now defunct internet platform Facebook, where Laurenz her a friend request sent.

“I found that he has beautiful eyes, so I started a conversation. He thought at first that I was a fake profile. We really have to spend weeks with each other, talk via Messenger.”

The online contact led to a first date. Who planned the former porn actress in the sauna, so that he and Eden could see “as is”.

“It felt good. He also had no problems with my past. As a musician he has the necessary wild nights seen.”

Eden wants son about pornoverleden tell ‘when time is right’

The couple got two years ago son Brandon (2). Eden is still not worry about the time that they are going to tell about her past as a porn star.

“I think I’m busier and have to worry about how I can explain what misery is all there is in the world, than that I should worry about what mom and dad have done when they were younger,” says Eden, who recently published a crochet book has been released and also a seksspeeltjeslijn.

Eden (39) and Laurenz (48) want their son to tell “when the time is right”. “You must not be very difficult. My nieces and nephews have always known and that is never an issue.”


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