BOARD does not see any reason to have a protocol around spreekkoren to tighten up

The BOARD looks at the discriminatory spreekkoren of the supporters of FC Den Bosch in the direction of Advantage players, Ahmad Mendes Moreira has no reason to be the protocol around, you can take spreekkoren as possible.

According to a spokesman Jaap Paulsen from the presidency, the performance of the referee, Laurens Gerrets on Sunday, it’s better to show that the protocol is met. “The protocol now is to be perfectly carried out. It is not something that we are of the opinion that it is better to have. Think we don’t have to.”

The referee stopped the game in the first half, still, when he saw that, Following a Touch emotional, it was to become to him as a so-called. “A canadian, was not available. We will have two-minute football, but it went on and on and on he became more and more emotional.”, he said to the referee on Sunday at FOX Sports.

Gerrets put the game in silence, and sent the two teams to enter. As part of the assessment came from the Dutch fa (KNVB), and the politics of praise too. Gerrets beat it the that the that the speaker and the audience, first time, last week, which, at the insistence of the on-site safety coordinator needs to be done about it. The arbitrator or arbitrators, in accordance with the guidelines of the freedom of the game as a message to shut down.

In these guidelines, is, literally, “to the referee, the game may shut down if the continuous spreekkoren to make sure that the offended parties will not be able to function properly and for the athletic development of the game is seriously in question”.

Grand-player-Ahmad, Mendes-Moreira, left, violently emotional in the field. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

“It continues to be a human-rated

This would mean, however, that a different referee might have taken the decision to continue to play. “It is possible that some of the less well-had been assessed”, and acknowledges that Paulsen. “It is still a human judgment.”

Nevertheless, the BOARD has no reason to make the protocol apply, for example, by a rule to the game is being shut down, if there is racism or discrimination is found, regardless of the impact on either the player or the referee.

“It is, of course, not always as quickly fixed,” says Paulsen. “As a referee, please pay attention to the game, and as a safety coordinator actually does not have everything on and around the field, the field belongs to. In theory, it can be much faster, and that he may also have been done. However, if the referee had noticed, he had the game to a halt. For us, it is Sunday, the perfect takes place.”

The Public Prosecutor’s office in the East of Brabant, in cooperation with the police in the region, an investigation into the events. That would be a criminal case against those involved can lead to. The disciplinary committee of the Dutch fa (KNVB), the case is also under investigation.


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