BNNVARA-presenters believe that YouTube and tv reinforce each other

BNNVARA-presenters believe that YouTube and tv reinforce each other

Photo: Wessel de Groot

YouTube and tv need each other, not in the way, but can actually go hand in hand.

Think that BNNVARA-presenter Gwen Ports. “I have a feeling that we for the first time with BNNVARA online well connect with tv,” she says to

“As in the first week of Spraying and Swallowing, which on ritalin. There are online items, there are columns and a poll. People are involved in what we make and from all sides look. I also think that everyone for themselves need to look at where they prefer to look.”

Presenters Jan Versteegh and Jurre Luck close to. “I don’t think the Youtube generation back to tv,” says Versteegh. “I think it’s on YouTube and the other can only strengthen.”

“We are doing this every day,” says Lucky, one of the new presenters of Spraying and Swallowing. “It is difficult: it is such a different crowd.”

Geraldine Kemper calls it ‘understand the power of the YouTube generation’ that they find on the internet. “I think you have them there good.”


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Belgian documentaries

Erik Dijkstra says over the past ten years to hear that “the youth does not have a tv more watching’. “But you should check out what all comes in the coming time”, he refers to the programs of BNNVARA in the coming months on television.

Dijkstra admits, too, is a YouTube viewer. “I watch all the programs on YouTube. Some people put that crazy Belgian sportdocumentaires online, and that I’m watching.”

Also Sophie Hilbrand think that people are always television will continue to watch. “Already done that, maybe later on their phone.”

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