BNNVARA called documentary Jesse Klaver ‘twilight zone’

BNNVARA called documentary Jesse Klaver ‘twilight zone’

Broadcasting BNNVARA admits a “journalism twilight zone” to enter on september 4, the film Jesse to send, a documentary about GroenLinks-leader Jesse Klaver.

But the broadcaster is the movie “worth to show” because that is “a unique glimpse into the life of the politician behind the scenes”.

The film is much criticised, inter alia by the freedom party and Forum for Democracy (FvD), because maker Joey Bing itself for GroenLinks was active during the last election campaign.

“NPO let all semblance of objectivity sail with ‘intimate documentaries about Jesse Klaver” responded Thierry Baudet of FvD.

NPO let all semblance of objectivity sail with “intimate documentary” about Jesse Klaver. Break the mediakartel, support #fvd


Time of placing
07:43 24 August 2017

Terms and conditions

BNNVARA to say various conditions. Thus, the broadcaster all the raw material and if the filmmaker has no restrictions when assembling. Also GroenLinks if it does not interfere.

The broadcaster has “the full eindredactionele responsibility” and Bing makes at the beginning of the documentary known what role he has played. “The events are all fulfilled,” said BNNVARA Friday.

State secretary Sander Dekker (Media) is “very curious” to the film.


The caretaker minister wanted after the council of ministers is still no talk about the movie, all he had to know that personally all to have. The secretary of state announced that he is the “independence of the public broadcaster” will be monitored.

Minister Jet Bussemaker (PvdA), Dekkers colleague at the ministry of Education, it seems the fuss what are premature. “You can stay here is in question,” said the minister. “But the broadcaster has conditions. That all the material should be made available, that there is no selection by Jesse Klaver. First I want that documentary to see. From what I understand, there are also critical elements.”

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