‘Blue Monday is like Friday the thirteenth’

‘Blue Monday is like Friday the thirteenth’

Blue Monday is labeled as the most depressing day of the year. By the cold, low-light and the holidays are over, people feel worse than normal. According to experts, this is the day, however, similar to Friday the thirteenth and it is something you must believe.

According to psychologist Jean-Pierre van de Ven is the concept of ‘Blue Monday’ coined by an advertising agency to more flight holidays to the sun to sell. Also gelukscoach Angela Becker believes there is not. “It’s like Friday the thirteenth.”

Becker explains that with so many people worse than you think. “When you are with someone will ask, you will see that you are not the only one to have a few lesser days. Everyone has that every now and then and that is just part and parcel of life.”

According to Van de Ven is Blue Monday for people with depression, even an insult. “They feel too short done by this day, because depression is a serious disease that you never know when you will get better, but a slight dip for a short period of time has anyone ever and go often.”


“Of course, rests Blue Monday, however, somewhat on the truth, because the days are short and dark, the holidays are over and people are aware of the fact that the next free period is still long in coming,” explains Van de Ven.

What people the most unhappy is, according to Van de Ven the fact that people socially compare. “People compare themselves with others. So they say that formerly everything was better and it seems to be whether the neighbors are better. I say in my practice, always against my clients; keep that in mind, it has no meaning.”


Becker adds that unhappiness also has to do with a low self-esteem and the lack of a goal or dream. “Worrying is a symptom of a low self-esteem. Because you don’t know what you want or who you are, you become uncertain and you less feeling,” she explains.

According to Becker, it is therefore wise to great to set goals for the longer term. “When you have a long term vision have to give you meaning to your life. If you want to the Himalayas to climb, a book to write or a small business to start, you will stay for a longer period of time motivated to continue with the plan.”

When you have a day less feels good, it is important to to go out the door, says Van de Ven. “Come on, a day at least thirty minutes in motion. Care in addition to structure in your day so that you get up and dress appearance. If the latter you should ensure that you are among the people.”


Also helping others is a good way to make you feel better. “Another compliment to give a go yourself feel better. In addition, you can simply go to someone smile. When you go to someone laughs, you often get a smile in return. By this positive energy you’ll feel that you quickly become happier,” says Becker.

Of the S advises its clients to identify where the negative thoughts come from. “When you find yourself yourself again, the put in talk, you should just tell yourself; love there once! See these negative feelings as a phenomenon and not as the truth.”


According to the gelukscoach, it is also important to know that you are happy can learn. “Happiness is a process to which you need to continue to work, and the basis for this is gratitude. When you are grateful for what you have you will be happier than if you are only concerned with the things that you do not have.”

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