Bloomberg’s plan would make all new AMERICAN cars to electric by 2035

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. Democratic presidential candidate, Michael Bloomberg, unveiled a plan on Friday to slash greenhouse gas emissions from transportation, making electric vehicles accessible to the public, even for low-income households, and improving access to the public transport network.

FILE PHOTO: a File picture of U.S. presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg to speak at the U. N. Conference on Climate change (COP25) in Madrid, Spain, On 10 December 2019 at the latest. REUTERS/Sergio Perez/Photo File

Bloomberg, the media billionaire and former mayor of New York City, has long fought to curb emissions, which has recently, as a special envoy of the United Nations convention on climate change.

The other Democratic candidates will have to transport in a climate change plan. The international monetary fund, which for the extinction of a suite of climate planning, which is the first to have a specific strategy in the transportation, the top U.S. source of greenhouse gas emissions.

Bloomberg’s plan calls for all new U.S. cars to be electric, by 2035, the reduction of diesel pollution is using electric trucks and buses, improving access to the public transport network and the construction of high-speed rail.

He wants to give low-and moderate-income communities, a Clean Car for All” program, which offers discounts to trade in their old cars in for electric ones.

“We are looking forward to put the dirty stock more quickly,” a campaign aide said on condition of anonymity in advance of the plan’s unveiling. The assistant said the international monetary Fund to help taxi and ride-share programs, to electrify their fleets, and for 2035.

His plan is not to provide a place for the rare-earth minerals are coming from, it would be eligible for the new vehicle.

Bloomberg wants to slash U.S. emissions linked to climate change, by 50% in 2030, and if he wins the November elections. To reduce the emissions from the power sector and the buildings are the other main boards of the clean economy in the plan.

This week, the international monetary Fund, as a late entrant into the race, introduced a plan to prevent forest fires is set forth in part in the win of the electorate in California, the most populous state, and is one of 14 states holding primaries on Super Tuesday, March 3.

While California is struggling to build high-speed rail, another assistant, said one of the first advanced of the rail project has made it possible to be less ambitious than the plan, but don’t have the us in a lot of customers in other countries as well. “It would actually be a shorter course than the current plans in California,” he said.

The international monetary fund, just like all the other candidates, wants to reverse the policies of the Republican President is Donald Trump, who is cut down in the regulations relating to the environmental regulation, while encouraging the export of fossil fuels.

However, he is not putting a dollar figure on its climate plan, due to the complexity of the problem of a difference to most of the other candidates.

Reporting by Timothy Gardner; Editing by Raju Gopalakrishnan

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