Bloomberg warns ‘to create Medicare for all’ would have to plan reelect Trump, pitches, ObamaCare

in the vicinity ofthe video, Michael Bloomberg, Joe Biden warns Democrats about the UK election results

Moderate, Democratic presidential candidate alarm about the Conservative party landslide victory in British parliamentary elections.

Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg beat his Democratic presidential primary rivals on Thursday for their “Medicare for all” proposals, the claim that their plans are “rather reelect Donald Trump”, as you are bringing to the health insurance for more Americans.

Bloomberg, he was in a library in Memphis, Tenn., the announcement of his own health care proposal, when he is driven gates in the “Medicare-for-all” plans was, by the other candidates, such as Sens. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

“We don’t need Medicare-for-all proposals, Bloomberg said rather reelect Donald Trump than expand coverage,”.


Bloomberg proposed, instead, a “Medicare-like public option”, which will be managed by the Federal government but paid for by the customer premiums. The plan would be to secure the first goal, and low-income residents in States that expanded Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act.

The billionaire entrepreneur also wants Medicare to an optional policy cover, to demand dental, hearing and vision care, and that all States prices to cover oral health services for adults in Medicaid, along with an out-of-network fees up to 200 percent of Medicare.

“My proposal will build on the proven, the President Obama’s Affordable Care Act [ACA],” Bloomberg said. “We will make sure that people who like their private insurance private insurance, while also providing coverage of the uninsured.”


In addition, Bloomberg’s own motion calls for an extension of the sign-up period for the purchase of health insurance through the ACA, which has been cut under President Trump from 90 days to 45 days. If elected President, he would have to defend ObamaCare, to tilt as it threatens a lawsuit, Texas and other States, the health-care law, the candidate added.

“During his first two years in office, the number of uninsured people in America, assured increased by two million,” Bloomberg, the President of Trump said. “Today, thanks to Donald Trump, more Americans do not have insurance, more Americans have to choose between the doctors or putting food on the table.”


He added: “The President has never proposed a plan to cover the 20 million people would lose the coverage” by the scrapping ObamaCare.

The former New York City mayor-health-plan would also require all insurance plans to meet the standards under the ACA, such as the cover maternal care, and pre-existing conditions.


To pay for the plan, Bloomberg said that the proposal for the cost of around 1.5 trillion dollars over 10 years and would be offset by the policy, the lower the costs, including capping vendor payments, surprise medical bills, negotiating drug prices and Reform part D. He said some of the funding would also use the existing Federal budget.

His campaign said that more details on how he plans to pay for the plan to be released in the coming weeks.

Bloomberg’s plan is similar to those proposed by some of the moderate Democratic presidential hopefuls such as former Vice-President, Joe Biden, and South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg.


Biden’s plan calls for the expansion of the ACA-signature medical law, created during President Barack Obama’s administration in which Biden as vice president along with press to add a “public option” that would allow the people to choose a government health insurance, while others could continue with their private insurance.


“I understand the appeal on a Medicare-for-All. But the people support it should be clear that it means that the to get rid of Obamacare. And I’m not,” Biden said over the summer. “I was signed very proud of the day, as I stood there, with Barack Obama and he that is the law.”

Buttigieg health plan would offer a public option that includes the automatic and retroactive enrollment for everyone, plan without a private to.

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