Bloomberg spent more than $275 M anti-Trump media

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Billionaire candidate ends campaign; reaction of former California Republican y Chairman Tom Del Beccaro.

Former New York City mayor Mike Bloomberg spent more than $275 million € on an anti-Trump media during his presidential campaign “to remind voters” of the President Trump the “failure and broken promises.”

The Bloomberg campaign confirmed to Fox News on Wednesday that of the more than 500 million US $spent on ads during the campaign, more than $275 million € in the direction of the ads is aimed at Trump.


“As from December 2019, Mike Bloomberg’s 2020 presidential campaign, the recall of a massive $275 million media, the voters of President Trump failure and broken promises,” exposed to the now campaign, said in a statement Wednesday. “To the Bloomberg campaign, these efforts started, Trump runs had been almost unhindered in the key States that will decide the election in 2020.”

“And if it were not for the Bloomberg campaign, Trump would continue unopposed until the Democrats select officially your candidate and turn your full concentration to the President-in-office,” she said, and notes that the view of the Bloomberg team “ran, the fight would be directly to Donald Trump”, available on its website.

“The Bloomberg campaign is that all of your creative assets, the download available to the public and share it with their own networks,” they added.

The campaign released a breakdown of their expenditure, and notes that $message 225 million on TV advertising, the “strengthening of the Mike’s that Trump was fit to be President;” more than $175 million spent in the local markets and in the battleground States, and more than $45 million to the national level.

Also, the campaign spent $49,6 million in digital anti-Trump-show you say to be a part of the $100 million promise that Bloomberg “committed to spend” before officially entering the presidential election in November 2019.


The campaign said it spent $671,664 in “out-of-home” advertising, including “trolling trump on the Las Vegas strip” before Trump rallies and anti-Trump posters in the Super-Tuesday-States, Michigan and in front of the White house.

Bloomberg continued his campaign on last Wednesday, after millions of its own assets, and not to claim any significant victories on Super Tuesday about his only victory in the American Samoa Caucuses. Super Tuesday was the first time Bloomberg appeared on a primary ballot, after he skipped the early nomination contests in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina.

When you drop out of the race, Bloomberg immediately announced that he would approve of, the former Vice-President, Joe Biden, following in the footsteps of other former Democratic presidential candidates, the consolidated support behind Biden in the primary fight against democratic, socialist sen Bernie Sanders called, I-Vt.

President Trump, had the relentless mocking Bloomberg about everything that Bloomberg fell from his height to his debate performances, he kept his observations on the race after.

“Mini-Mike Bloomberg just “quit” the race for the presidency. I would have told him a long time ago that he doesn’t have what it takes, and he would have a billion dollars saved, the actual cost. Now he is campaign money pouring into Sleepy Joe ‘ s, in the hope to save face. It will not work!!”, he tweeted.

Fox News’ Paul Steinhauser contributed to this report.

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