‘Blood test can show whether a person Parkinson’

‘Blood test can show whether a person Parkinson’

From a simple blood test can prove if someone suffers from Parkinson’s disease, Swedish researchers discovered.

The findings of the researchers of the Swedish Lund university are published in the scientific journal Neurology.

In the early stage of the disease can often is not yet conclusive to determine whether the patient has Parkinson’s suffers, or that it’s going to be a similar, but less common disease. There is, therefore, looked for certain biomarkers, indicators that can indicate whether it is indeed Parkinson’s.

When nerve cells die, there may be in spinal fluid, an increased amount of a certain zenuweiwit be observed, which is an indicator of Parkinson’s. The developed blood test can determine whether this protein in increased degree to detect.

Three groups

Were three groups studied, one from Britain and one from Sweden. These included both healthy persons and persons with (a Parkinson’s related disease, which they average four to six years members. A third group had the disease for three years or less.

Of them was blood and there it was the concentration of the relevant protein compared. On the basis of the resulting information could the blood test be developed.

According to the developers, the results of the test are accurate and very reliable. Further research is necessary to also see the three related diseases from the blood to be able to specify. The test can only be determined whether it is Parkinson’s, but not Multiple System Atrophy, or one of the other two diseases.

A similar test was previously developed for the identification of Alzheimer’s disease.

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