‘Bloeddrukmedicijnen affect fertility in men”

‘Bloeddrukmedicijnen affect fertility in men”

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Men who take medicines for high blood pressure use are, on average, ten percent less fertile than men who use the medication do not use.

According to research of scientists at the Standford university. They examined for this study the health information of 800,000 men on drugs against high blood pressure. The data was obtained from American insurance companies.

To see if the men indeed suffer from reduced fertility, was the dates of the year for the drug compared with the data from the year after they stopped the medication. Also, the quality of the sperm of the medicijngebruikers analyzed.

Less motile

Men who betablokkers use are, on average, eleven percent less fertile. The drug reduces sperm count and motility. ACE-inhibitors reduce this risk by nine percent. The use of calcium channel blockers, a third drug that is used for high bloedddruk, has no influence on the fertility of the man.

The drugs block hormones such as adrenaline, so that the heart activity is reduced. In the Uk, one in three adults suffer from high blood pressure.

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