Blizzard Entertainment, austerity, punishment for the HC gamers, in protest row

SHANGHAI (Reuters) – Blizzard Entertainment has reduced the penalty to that it is going to be a hong Kong-based Hearthstone esports player of his public support of the pro-democracy protests in the city, and, after her decision led to a disagreement between the players and the audience.

The US games publisher, a wholly owned subsidiary of Activision Blizzard, said last week that it would suspend the player After “blitzchung” Ng-Wai, of, the, competition, for one year, and to strip him of the prize money, when he called for the liberation of Hong Kong in the post-game interview.

The decision, in which the company is the latest corporate name, and to get caught up in the stresses with respect to the Hong Kong protests, and the gathering of it support services in China, as well as drawing criticism from fans, players and commentators in the West, some of whom said they would stop working with in addition to as a result of the decision.

However, on Saturday, the World said it had made the decision to cut his sentence to six months ‘ suspension, and it would still award him the money, and the chairman of the J. Allen Brack has to say the company had “reacted too quickly” in making its decision.

Brack said that, We still had to be punished, if the rules had been violated, but that its own views were not a factor in the decision.

“I just want to be clear: our relations with China have had no impact on our decision,” he said in a message on the website of the World.

Chung said in a statement posted on Twitter that he has accepted the World’s judgment, and to express his opinion on his own personal platform in the near future, but urged the company to reconsider its decision to punish two of the commentators at this year’s tournament, where he made his observations.

The Hong Kong protests began in opposition to a bill allowing the extradition to mainland China, but has since developed into a wider call for democracy, the activists threw firebombs, set up in the street, burning and destroying the tube.

China has accused the West of stirring up anti-Beijing sentiment in Hong Kong reacted strongly to statements of support for the protests.

This past week in the NBA, was the target of a violent backlash in China after one of the team managers and posted to a now-deleted tweet that expressed support for Hong Kong protesters, that is, the Chinese state media characterised it as the most recent example of this meddling in China’s affairs.

Reporting by Brenda Goh; Editing by Raju Gopalakrishnan

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