Blake Lively reveals who inspired her to recently wear suits: “The way he’s dressed is so beautiful’



Blake Lively reveals who the inspiration for her new suited-up style

‘A Simple Benefit’ star and fashionista Blake Lively is rocking a new look with these days, a suited up style, and the inspiration for her director Paul Feig.

Blake Lively is known as a fashion-forward, that is probably the reason why most fans do not think twice about her decision to wear more pantsuits in the past month.

However, Lively, 31, says there is a certain reason behind her new look.

“I thought that the way he is dressed is so beautiful,” Lively tells Fox News, crediting Paul Feig, who directs her upcoming film “A Simple pleasure,” for her recent style choices.

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BREAKING NEWS!! More photos of outfits I wore 2 weeks ago. Because I suck at Instagram.

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“I don’t know why [fit] should be specific for men,” says the actress, adding that they also do not understand why women have to carry, fits in a certain way.


“I thought that if I don’t understand why when a woman wears a suit that must be tied here, or no shirt, or a necklace or whatever, that is also great, but I also think, why can’t we also?” they ask. “Why can’t it be just as sexy when we’re wearing a sleek bow tie and pocket square and floret and watches and rings?”

Notes Vivid: “I think that if sexuality is and that you that even if you know powerful.”

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? Let the games begin…

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Although most have praised the “Gossip Girl” alum for her ensembles, a social media user was less than enthusiastic with the star’s recent looks.

“I say this with so much love & respect for you baby, please hire a stylist or fire you’re currently with,” a social media user wrote in the comments section of the Lively ‘ s 24 August Instagram post, in which the actress is wearing a colorful costume.

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Picnic anyone? I bring the tablecloth…

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“Thank you for the tips, sir. Unfortunately, I’ve tried to fire @blakelively so often. But that bitch keeps coming back. They won’t leave me alone,” Lively responded to admit that she is responsible for her own appearance.

Meanwhile, others, including Feig, 55, loving, Lively, bold pantsuits.

“I love women who have the strength, the power items that men have suits and ties and make their own” Feig tells Fox News.

“I was so happy when she wanted to look at,” he adds. “And I think it’s just — I mean, look — right, the dress of the world, just like me!”

Jokes Lively: “most of the time, because he is a narcissist.”

“A Simple pleasure” opens in theaters on Sept. 14.

Fox News’ Ashley Dvorkin contributed to this report.

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