Blair Witch is a film director, is still around to come up with ideas for new parts

Eduardo Sánchez, along with Daniel Myrick in 1999, was famous for his horrorhit The Blair Witch Project, says it will still be around to walk away, to come up with ideas for sequels. He tells you on Thursday at Comic.

The Blair Witch Project was released in 1999 as the found footage of three disappeared college students, who are in the woods of Maryland in search of would have been to track down the mysterious Elly Kedward and the serial killer Rustin Parr. The found-footage horror films released worldwide, more than four times more than it would have cost to make it.

In the sequel, Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2, and run as a regular movie, it turned out, a year later, much less successful. In 2016, it was a more modern found-footage version of Blair Witch. The two films didn’t come from Myrick and Sanchez, who for the past twenty years, each and every with their very own career and work.

“I think there’s a way to get a sense of the mystery and to bring them back,” says Sanchez. “I don’t know if a sequel is something I should have been. It would be a unique, stand-alone film should have been. Not found-footage, of course, but it’s something that doesn’t look like a normal movie, which is not the same as a normal movie.”

Go back in time

“The Blair Witch had back in the time of need to go,” the filmmaker continues. “I’ve always been an original story, like how Elly Kedward guilty was found, and the forest was utterly destroyed. And what happened to the Blair village happened in the late 1700’s. There is a small possibility that it is real, but the timing was just not right.”

Sanchez says that he and Pettibone, and producer Gregg Hale have always felt that the Blair Witch franchise, from the movies, it would have to exist, each with its own signature, it would have. “Our idea was to make the Rustin Parr story in full, in black-and-white, and the Elly Kedward story, with completely unknown actors from all over Europe, and with a heavy accent. As unique and authentic as possible.”


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