Black, Virginia, 6th-grader, who claimed to be white and their classmates to cut off dreadlocks made of the story, the family said

to connectVideoSchool, ” says the Virginia girl is a story about classmates in a fight, and her hair, cut her hair, it was a hoax

Raw video: A 12-year-old girl who alleges that she was held up by three classmates who cut her dreadlocks had to be a hoax, according to school officials.

A Virginia sixth-grader, who claimed to have three of her white male classmates kept her and cut off her dreadlocks and is now saying she made up the whole story.

Amari Allen, an African-American and 12-year-old, who attends Immanuel Christian School in Springfield, a private school, which is where the second lady, Karen Pence, art reported the alleged incident last week. She told various media that the three boys are in school, pinned her and cut off her hair, the police and the local police opened an investigation.

“She told me that my hair is nappy and that I was ugly,” she told WRC-TV. “They put their hands over my mouth. They put my hands behind my back. And she started cutting my hair and said that it was ugly.”


The girl’s grandmother said she was up to Amari to her one day when she realized her dreadlocks were missing, and that’s when the girl told her story.

“It was as if she had just died. That is, no matter how painful it was for me,” the girl’s grandmother, said after the girl made the accusations against him.

Her grandfather, told him that his heart was breaking,” and that he “was paralyzed.”

The family of Amari Allen, 12, was walking back from the girl who claims she was pinned down by three white schoolmates, who then cut her dreads off.

But on Monday, her family released a statement saying that the allegations of a 12-year-old girl, had been fabricated.

“For these young boys and their parents, we offer our sincere apologies for the pain, the fear, the accusations have caused,” according to a statement from the girl and her parents, which is produced by The new york times. “The administrators and families of Immanuel Christian School, we are sorry for the damage this incident has done to earn the trust of the school, the family, and the unnecessary ridicule it has brought to the school office. In order for the wider community, and to the full with such passionate support for our daughter, and we’re sorry for betraying your trust.”

Immanuel Christian Academy is located in Springfield, Va., it said in a statement on Monday that they were “relieved to hear the truth about the girl’s allegations.
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The family added, “they have to understand there will be consequences, and we are willing to take responsibility for them. We know that it will take time to heal, and we can all hope and pray that the young men, their families, their school and the wider community will be able to find us, to forgive us, in the course of time.”

The school to generate a statement, they said: “We can confirm that the student who accused three of her classmates of the attack, has confirmed that the allegations were false.”


“We are grateful for the Fairfax County Police Department for their hard work, in order to investigate whether or not these accusations,” said Stephen E. Danish, the head of the school. “We were very relieved to hear the truth, and the events of the past few days, and we also have a great amount of pain for the victims and suffering on both sides of the conflict. We have to recognise that we have a long season of recovery.”

The 12-year-old TOWER have been reported, it is a straight-A student, a violin player who has participated in a private Christian school since kindergarten.

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