Björk gets out to the media to ‘sexism in the music industry’.

Björk gets out to the media to ‘sexism in the music industry’.

The Icelandic singer and dj Björk is doing on Facebook her complaint about the in her eyes the existing sexism in the music industry. The following are the reviews from journalists of her dj gig this weekend at the Day for Night festival in dallas, Texas.

The 51-year-old musician, who since a year as a dj and occurs, has the idea that they shouldn’t experiment with different styles of music, but must linger in the stereotypes. “Some in the media seem to think that I’m not ‘occur’ and me ‘hidden’ behind the desks, while they have not said about my male counterparts who are doing the same,” writes Björk on her Facebook page.

According to the former singer of the group The Sugarcubes, the women in the music industry only allowed to as a singer-songwriter to sing about relationships. “If it is about something else than your beloved, then we get criticism. Journalists have the idea that “something” is missing. It is as if they think that the only where we can sing our emotion is,” continues Björk.

“It could be that people just have to get used to. Fortunately, I get the support of my fans, that my musical journey and support and let me be who I am,” says the Icelandic singer.


To her indignation to endorse retrieves the singer and some of her albums. “I was aware the album Volta (2007) Biophilia (2011) to the fact that these topics were where women normally do not write about it. I had the feeling that I had earned it.”

The valuation of the media, according to her, however, until the album Vulnicura (2015), which she about “her broken heart” sang. “Men are allowed to from topic to topic, to be funny and to experiment with music, but women are not. If we do not sing about the men and children in our reading betrayed we our audience.”

The Icelandic singer hopes that this next year is going to change. “The right to vary as a girl. I have a feeling that that’s going to happen,” she concludes.

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