Björk accuses media of sexism: ‘Women sing about things other than heartbreak’

In an open letter on her Facebook page cites Björk to music journalism fell. “If we don’t have the love to sing, that journalists have the feeling that something is missing. It is as if our only language of emotions.’

Björk © Facebook

After her dj-sets during the Day For Night las the Icelandic artist Björk various reviews which journalists criticize how she “hides behind the dj-table’. She begins her letter on Facebook with an argument of why they just now decided to respond. “I have the majority of my career not gezeurd about sexism, but I have the impression that there is a positive turnaround is coming, a flow with any changes, so there had to me something of the heart.”

Björk criticizes the double standard that some journalists use compared to female musicians. ‘Women in the music business will be positively received if they are singer-songwriters are about their friends sing. But if they are the subject of their songs change and sing about atoms, the solar system, activism, nerdy math beats, or other things that have nothing to do with love, they get criticism. Journalists find that there is something missing, as if our only language of emotions .’

‘When we our hearts are not disembowelling, and bleeding about the men and children in our lives, fool the us public,’ she continues. Male artists, however, may be experimenting with themes and genres and are not punished, Björk.

The singer closes with a positive note: “Let us in 2017, the year in which we transition and women the right to give as divers as they want to.’

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