Bizzey is that he will be the last time to a lot of music to be released

Bizzey have a feeling that he will be the last time to a lot of music has been released. The musician will have songs like day after that on which he has made, but see for yourself that this is high risk.

“I will never make water. Sometimes a little too much, one after the other, but it’s always good,” said the 34-year-old Bizzey, which is basically a Leonardo Roelandschap say, in a conversation with a Dutch edition of Playboy magazine.

Bizzey obtained only with a number, Slow to 200 million streamstarts on YouTube, and another 58 million is streamstarts on the Music. “It doesn’t have your taste doesn’t have to be, but if you have knowledge of the music, then you will know what I’m doing, and that I have a quality set up. The slow was in the beginning absolutely nothing, in terms of streams and views, but it paved the way for the track, Yes, that’s not too long after my very first # 1 hit. The people were used to my sound.”

Even though the artist would like to be the best in everything, he’s been medeartiesten, not as a competitor. “But if the people who are able to inspire and up lift. I am selling SEA to Live out a Lil’ Small-does the Ziggo Dome: the urbanscene is greater now than ever before. It is precisely because we are in it together, not because we do not have the light in their eyes sometimes. Jebroer on hardcore raps, and a proprietary platform to create, which is just awesome. I am very happy to be with you.”


Bizzey – Slow-ft. Jozo & Kraantje Pappie

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