Bitcoin for the first time more than 2000 dollars worth

Bitcoin for the first time more than 2000 dollars worth

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The cryptovaluta bitcoin has for the first time, the waardegrens of $ 2,000 (1.785 euro) is broken

That is to see different online ruilmarkten for the currency, including Coinbase and Kraken.

The value of bitcoin since the beginning of this year on a strong beating, reports TechCrunch.

The currency broke in 2013 for the first time the limit of $ 1,000, but by a combination of factors ran the value back again. Only at the end of last year was bitcoin back to the same level, including through support for the currency by international financial institutions and new legislation in China.

The total value of the bitcoins now in circulation, represents nearly 29.4 billion euros.

At the end of april took a bitcoin still 1.343 dollar (1.198 euro). Within three weeks, it is that amount by 50 percent grown. Last week the price went up for a bitcoin with 12 percent.


Bitcoin is not the only cryptovaluta that is growing rapidly. The value of ripple, a centralized currency that focuses on transactions between big banks, is within a month by more than 1000 percent growth. A other currency, ethereum, grew last month by slightly more than 100 percent.

By the rise of ripple, and ethereum is the share of bitcoin in the total value of cryptovaluta dropped to 47 percent. In march, that percentage is almost 80 percent.

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